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We are Meero

We create images that drive engagement

Our mission

We develop sustainable AI-enabled tools that democratise the creation of authentic high-quality images for businesses.

Whether we're arranging a photographer for a studio shoot, providing a cutting edge photo-taking app or checking and enhancing existing images with industry-leading AI, we're ensuring better engagement through great images.
Our vision

We will change how beautiful and authentic high-quality digital imagery is created.

πŸ’‘ From ideas to innovations

We created Meero with the idea of increasing online engagement and conversion through great photographs.
Since our creation in 2016, we have been pioneers in the visual content creation tech revolution. Through significant investments and surrounded by world- leading talents, we’ve continuously raised the bar on innovation, driven by the early conviction that AI was essential to transform visual content creation.
Today, we are a leader in professional studio shoots, including professional photographer shoots, and the development of AI-powered tools. Our areas of AI innovation include both mobile photo apps and cloud-native platforms for automated quality checking and enhancement. Our leadership in these areas is founded not only on our deep understanding of photography and process excellence, but also on our state-of-the-art expertise in AI research.
Our Culture

Culture and values are the very essence of the Meero teams.

We are looking for people who can identify with our state of mind and can see themselves working in this ambitious tech (and fun) environment.
Our 5 Values
πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’Ό Think Customer
We take care of our customers, internal and external. We work hard to meet their needs.
β›° Take Ownership
We take responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises.
✨ Keep It Simple
We embrace clarity and simplicity. We focus on what really matters.
πŸͺ΄ Cultivate Excellence
Be excellent! In what we do and how we do it. With rigour, care and dedication
πŸ’‘Shaping entrepreneurial mindset
We encourage autonomy, acceptance of a challenge and a taste for adventure. We seek to inspire and provide the space for all to use their talents.
Gender Equality Index 2023


Meero is dedicated to establishing an inclusive and diverse workplace that upholds principles of non-discrimination, with a particular emphasis on gender equality. We consistently endeavor to foster parity between individuals of all genders, underpinned by a comprehensive and equitable compensation framework, as well as a holistic approach to human resource management that prioritizes fairness and impartiality.

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A culture of inclusivity and a collaborative and innovative work experience. Every Meeronaut is passionate about our products, services and the value they deliver to our customers.