Here Are The Most Beautiful Animal Photos of 2018 According to Nat Geo

May 31, 2018 由 Elias Khatal

With only a few days remaining to participate in National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year, contest organizers have released a selection of their favorite snapshots in the Nature category. These photos were taken by talented photographers who captured wildlife from around the world and gives us a glimpse of the incredible beauty of nature. The organizers said: “Our judges are looking for photos that tell the story of a place, a moment of travel, able to inspire others to explore our world.” From the deepest parts of the ocean to the Aleutian chain of Alaska, these images document landscapes from elsewhere and the animals that inhabit them.

This year's entries are already standing out! Karsten Hoenack brings you the breathtaking photo of the Coordillera, in the Andes of South America, that looks almost digitally constructed or even the photo taken by Mohamed Shareef, who gives you an amazing look into the natural food chain happening in the Maldives when a reef shark swims among the silver sprats!

If you think you can compete, the contest remains open until May 31, 2018. There are many categories to enter into! The grand prize winner will receive $10,000 and two additional category winners will receive $2,500 each. You can also vote for your favorite entry in the Public Choice category from June 11 to 15, 2018.


Limin Zhu National Geographic Lizard

“Peeking” Photo and Caption by Limin Zhu
“A lizard hiding behind a large leaf 


Toby Harriman Mont Pavlof National Geographic

“Mount Pavlof and Pavlof Sister volcano” Photo and Caption by Toby Harriman 

“The views flying down to the Aleutian chain of Alaska, were pretty incredible, to say the least. The peaks you see here are known as Mount Pavlof and Pavlof Sister, which has been one of the most active volcanos in the US since 1980 with its most recent eruption in March of 2016. Looking closely you can see the steam and volcanic gas coming from the right. This view topped off the whole trip, especially getting to witness it on a clear day.”


Karen Larson ours Blanc National Geographic

“Swimming Lessons” Photo and Caption by Karen Larson 
“We spotted this mama and her two cubs swimming along the ice sheets in search of food.”


Nemo Baby Claudia Peyer National Geogrpahic

“Next Generation” Photo and Caption by Claudia Peyer 
“Nemobabies—some more days and they are coming out.”


Niklas Weber Crocodile National Geographic

“Formation” Photo and Caption by Niklas Weber 
“When we arrived at the rio tarcoles in Costa Rica and I saw what a fantastic formation the sharp-mouthed crocodiles are, I could not help myself, I started my drone and begun to photograph them from the air. My heart was beating like crazy because I was incredibly excited, on the one hand, I was a bit scared for the drone, on the other hand, I was so happy about the unique moment.”


Requin National Geographic Mohamed Shareef

“Chasing Lunch” Photo and Caption by Mohamed Shareef 
“A baby black-tip reef shark swims through a swarm of silver sprats at lunchtime in the lagoon of Mirihi Island in the Maldives.”


Karsten Hoenack Cordillera National Géographic

“Coordillera” Photo and Caption by Karsten Hoenack 
“After this shot, I have been traveling the same route several times. I could not see the landscape I saw when I shot this picture again. that morning the light and shadows over the coordillera were just perfect. the moment I had to shoot this series will remain in my memory as a special gift from nature.”


Leinani Yosaitis Giraffe National Geographic

“Giraffes relaxing near Ngorongoro Crater” Photo and Caption by Leinani Yosaitis 
“Upon leaving Ngorongoro Crater headed towards the Serengeti, we came across a hillside full of giraffes. After a little coaxing by me, our driver-guide, “James Bond” took us off-road and drove us right to them. I had always heard that giraffe don't sit, so this photo debunks that myth.”


Kirsten Tucker Leopard National Geogrpahic

“Leopard” Photo and Caption by Kirsten Tucker  

“We live in an Instagram/Facebook/etc world. Every photo has to be *THE* photo. How can you live up to that? Everyone's life/experience seems better than yours. But, it's not true. Leopards can be really hard to see. Even if you go on the ultimate trip, you might see just one -one single leopard. You may get a really bad cramp contorting yourself to get any shot. You may think you failed. And maybe you did fail, but it doesn't mean your trip or experience is any less than anyone else’s.”


Reiko Takahashi Baleine National Geographic

“Mermaid” Photo and Caption by Reiko Takahashi 
“This calf was always with mom. A curious calf sometimes came to us.”

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