An Artificial Intelligence That Retouches Dark Pictures For You!

How many times have you taken a picture but the shot is just way too dark? Well, welcome to a photographer’s biggest nightmare! Underexposure!! The term exposure is the amount of light in which reaches your camera sensor. It is a crucial part of how bright or dark your pictures appear. To avoid this you just need to perfect three settings; shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Yes, it is as hard as it sounds. Luckily, today, most devices have an automatic mode that manages the exposure, it is especially effective when preventing the photo from being overexposed but hardly compensates for dark images.

With such defeat against the dark each time, it was time to take action on this subject. Researchers have been developing a solution capable of making significant improvements in post-processing photographs taken in very poor lighting conditions. A promising technology that could especially find its place in our smartphones as well.

In order to accomplish this, the research introduced a deep-learned system, which literally formed artificial intelligence to improve the photographs. The method is very simple! The AI ran through a database containing photos taken with short (between 1/10 - 1/30) and long exposure (10 to 30 seconds). Each processed image then allows it to determine more precisely how it should be retouched to obtain an optimal result.

This technology could be easily integrated into many cameras, or even into our smartphones! From the underexposed photos being taken in conditions of very low light, it will be old history. However, the technology is still in development, but we can already begin to imagine.

Photo jardin sous-exposée retouchée par une IA


Photo bureau sous-exposée retouchée par une IA


Photo vélo sous-exposée retouchée par une IA


16 May 2018 由 Elias Khatal

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