How to increase hotel conversion rates?

Hospitality Times state that hotel conversion rates are about 2-3%, with over 95% of all visitors abandoning their booking before paying for a reservation. Although hotel websites might be good at attracting traffic, they fail to retain users’ attention, which explains such low conversion rates. However, if you’re in the hospitality business, don’t get discouraged! There are a number of ways for you to increase conversion rates and make sure people end up purchasing your services.

Here is how you can revamp your hospitality business:

  1.  Make your Booking Process Easier
  2.  Update your Social Media
  3.  Use Promotions
  4.  Make Sure your Visuals Stand Out and Provoke Emotions  
  5.  Be consistent with your Design
  6.  Have a Mobile-Friendly Version  

A hotel room bed is prepped for guests, with towels folded on the bed.

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1. Make your Booking Process Easier

48% of people determine the credibility of the company based on its website”

According to a study conducted by Google, overly complex websites tend to attract less traffic and are less effective than ones that are easy to navigate. About 48% of people determine the credibility of the company based on its website. Your goal is not to make everyone lost and confused, but to provide coherent information that doesn’t lead your buyers into misunderstanding.

Nowadays, the majority of your customer base comes from online booking and most rely on search engines, your website can easily become the face of the hotel. According to a study done by Wolfgang Digital, and average loading time of a page is 6.5 seconds on an e-commerce website. Ideally, this time should be cut down to 2 seconds. Amazon claims that for each additional second it takes for a page to load, the conversion rate decreases by 7%. Your landing page should include links to most essential pages such as:

  • Booking a stay

  • Amenities

  • Photos

  • Location

  • Contact Us

hotel lobby waiting room

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Remember to keep your website uncluttered, clean and easy to scan for information. In addition, you need to include enough images that can break blocks of text and keep the number of pages to a limit in order not to overwhelm your guests.

2. Update Your Social Media

“More than 3 billion people are active on social media around the world”

By regularly updating your social media, you can easily reach your community and be where your customers are. Nowadays, more than 3 billion people are active on social media around the world. This includes being active on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tripadvisor, and Yelp. According to E-market associates, you should implement the 80/20 rule when managing social media. This means that 80% of all your posts should be relevant for your subscribers and followers, while the other 20% should promote your business. It’s important to remember that too much social media promotion can backfire and lead to a decrease in sales.

Spreading the word on social media can greatly spike your conversion rates. Let’s take a look at recent statistics from different social media. Google was able to reach a conversion rate of 4.17%, Facebook with 3.21% and TripAdvisor’s ads led conversions to pick at 2.34%.

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Hotels Pullman facebook

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Social Media allows you to grow your business without breaking the bank. According to Ambassador, 76% of customers who had a good experience with social media are likely to recommend the brand to others. What’s more important, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than text. Not only will you gain loyal consumers, but also engage new ones and increase the conversion rate.

3. Do not Overuse Promotions

“Even with an existing discount, 95% of customers keep asking for better rates”

Reducing hotel rates doesn’t necessarily generate more volume. Instead, making reservations cheaper will help your business only short-term, leaving you in debt in the long run. Most people believe that by sharply declining prices, they will compensate with a higher volume of visitors. This assumption is flawed. Even with an existing discount, 95% of customers keep asking for better rates.

The Center for Hospitality Research, which conducts research that aims at improving the hospitality industry, states that discounts should be used strategically and argue that educating hoteliers on this topic is essential. The center is hoping to promote and create ongoing efforts to develop price strategies for hotels around the world.

four seasons discount

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4. Make Sure Your Visuals Stand Out and Provoke Emotions

“67% of customers consider clear and quality visuals to be vital in their decision making process”

The importance of visuals can’t be stressed enough when it comes to increasing conversion rates. Over 67% of customers consider clear and quality visuals to be vital in their decision-making process. TripAdvisor found out that travelers more engaged with listings that have:

  • 1 photo increase the engagement rate by 138%

  • 100 photos increase the engagement rate by 151%

Using images correctly can have a huge emotional influence on your viewers, converting them from visitors to frequent consumers. Illustrations provide viewers with a visual representation that embodies a concept, text or a process. So when you explain the process of booking, imagery can make it more entertaining, understandable and engaging. In a survey of 500 marketers, 56% used visuals 100% of the time, planning on doubling their investment in visual marketing in the upcoming years. You can increase your conversion rates by utilizing these different visual tools:

  • Infographics

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Videos

  • Visuals in VR

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5. Be Consistent with Your Design

48% of all users confirmed that they determine the credibility of the company based on its website”

Brand consistency takes marketing to the next level. Consistency in your design doesn’t need to attract consumers, instead, it’s an already established name that provokes a positive feeling towards a beloved brand. LucidPress states that consistency increases conversion rates, thus raising revenue by 23%. Once the name has been made, your signature logo should make customers about making the next purchase. Consistency can eventually become synonymous with quality. According to Grib, truly successful brands make consistency their priority, because the images and the consistency of your design throughout the website and beyond helps to create an identity that evokes trust and loyalty. 48% of all users confirmed that they determine the credibility of the company based on its website.

A study conducted by Unbounce showed that a homepage that uses more images than text, attracts more viewers. Long paragraphs of text tend to bore the audience, so it’s better than your business opts out for videos and quality photos.

Leading experts in the hospitality field, such as Kevin Roberts-the CEO of Saatchi, claim that “reasons lead to conclusions, and emotions lead to actions.” When one wants to increase their booking rates, the power of emotions should not be estimated; and this is when consistency comes into play. Consistency brings a feeling of familiarity that will ultimately allow your hotel business to thrive.

 photo ritz paris

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6. Have a Mobile-Friendly Version

“Mobile offerings increase in-room services, such as spa, appointments, golf and other amenities by 18%

Today there’s one gadget an average person never forgets to bring—a mobile phone. When you don’t have access to your laptop, a mobile device is your best option to complete a booking. A mobile device is more than just a means of communication. It’s your guide, diary, camera, wallet; you name it, your phone has it. According to HotelManagement, mobile options increase in-room services, such as spa, appointments, golf and other amenities by 18%. Mobile options let your business provide services on the time and terms of your guests, making their experience more convenient and stress-free.

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Jose Murta, the managing director of Trivago’s hospitality division, stated at a recent World Travel Market in London that it’s more important to have a well-working website that also operates without distributions on mobile devices.

Your Mobile-Friendly version should include features such as text messaging, which ultimately will create connectivity between you and your visitors. This way, you can get quick feedback from your guests, giving you a chance to act before the reviews reach social media and other websites.

With all the challenges that come with improving your business and your conversion rate, it’s best to leave the photography to the professionals. Since visuals play a major role in retaining the attention of the views, investing in your photography services is a must. That’s why Meero is always here to help you out by performing at the highest level.

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