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Nov 21, 2018 由 Elias Khatal
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Described by Facebook as “a valuable dashboard for businesses that can share Facebook resources with the multiple people or teams,” Facebook Business Manager is an indispensable tool. This business-only pane has a lot of features that can save you valuable time managing your ads or just be more effective in your company’s digital communication.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that lets you create, publish, monitor, and report on various activities related to your business, including your Facebook page or ads. The Business Manager also allows partial or full access to different employees and assigns them different roles within the platform. For the most part, Facebook Business Manager helps your team stay organized and efficient while having the ability to create, publish and then monitor your ads, your pages and a multitude of other business elements on Facebook.


Facebook Manager, Is it really useful for Realtors?

Today, it's just not enough to post a link from Facebook to your website. There are many features that can go further and be really effective when using the network. It’s essential for a company to go through this platform as the benefits are numerous. As a first step, it’s an effective way to broadcast your ads for free. Indeed, having conquered more than 2 billion users in the world within 14 years, Facebook has become unavoidable. A platform that brings together people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Go through the latter to reach a broader target among the 214 million American users who are present.

It’s also an opportunity to affirm the identity of your agency. With around 86,000 real estate agencies in the United States, competition has never been stronger. Adopting Facebook means giving yourself a new space to gain notoriety and, potentially, increase your customer portfolio and turnover. Only managing a Facebook page requires time and attention on a daily basis. For a company, like a real estate agency, this can very quickly become an additional workload, painful, although useful. So many real estate agents have wrongly turned their backs on this social network. That's why, today, we will explain how Facebook Business Manager works.


Step 1: How to set up Facebook Business Manager

The first step is to go to Facebook Business Manager. Once on the page, click on the blue button at the top right of the screen.  

Facebook Business Manager Accueil

Now you have to enter the name of your company and enter the requested information.

After filling in your business name, you continue onto the next step! Enter your name and your business email!

​Is my Facebook Business Manager account the same as my personal account?

Facebook Business Manager is not linked to your personal account. It's not even necessary to have a personal Facebook account to use it because it only concerns your company's resources, including advertising accounts, pages related to your business and advertising or social media analytics.


real estate photography


Step 2: The pages :

The first step is to add a Facebook page to your dashboard. On your Facebook Business Manager home page, you will immediately see the buttons "Add a page," "Add an ad account" or "Add people.". Click on "Add a page" and let yourself be guided!

Select, "Add a page."

​Enter the name of your page: it's done, your page is added.


Step 3: Advertising accounts

The next item to add to your dashboard is your Facebook advertising account. This is a particularly useful tool since it makes it possible to manage all the ads posted on the site. The approach is as follows:

On the home page, click on "Add an advertising account."


Select "Add Advertising Account" again.


Enter your advertising account ID.


If you do not have an advertising account, do not panic. It is very easy to create one. For this, on the selection screen, choose "Create an advertising account." And fill in the requested fields.


Step 4: The people

The last step will then add people to the interface so that they can also act on the platform. To do this, click on the small gear at the top right of the home screen to access the settings.

On the "People" tab, select the "Add" function


Finally, it will be necessary to send an invitation to the person concerned. You have, of course, the opportunity to decide their level of access.

You can give access to pages or advertising accounts.


Your profile is now programmed, all that is left is to begin your new business journey.


Step 5: Succeeding on Facebook

Today, posting a link to your ads is no longer enough to attract attention to your business. As everywhere else, there are a series of practices that should be favored to optimize the potential of the social network.


Respect the photographic guidelines of Facebook

For ads, photos are essential. The least visual used to promote your ad on Facebook must then respect these rules: use hashtags to hold the attention, choose several quality photographs and the square format - 1200px x 1200px or rectangular - 1200px X 630 px. The wrong format leads to poorly cut photos which will reduce your reach (the reach of your ad to your fans) and ruin the effect of your visuals. Professional photos will also be highly valued!


Share your links correctly

If you decide to post a link to your ad, make sure that it’s optimal. Facebook will automatically search for the default image of the ad. Check that the preview image is attractive and most importantly, that it appears correctly. If the image does not appear, use the Facebook debugger: copy your link into the input bar and click on "Debug". Especially, once the preview appears, remove the URL of the text box: there is no need, the user can go see your ad by clicking on the photo. Then, check that the title and description that appear at the bottom of the link are correct.


Post a photo gallery

The photo gallery is a good way to advertise on Facebook. Be sure to upload at least 4 photos in order to highlight the main image. Of course, the best is to add as much as possible. With the gallery, we play with the curiosity of the user. Also, remember to put the ad link as well as the phone/email numbers of your agents.


Post a ‘carousel’ of photos

In itself, the carousel is relatively similar to the gallery, only differ a few features. Select photographs that highlight the most attractive pieces of the property. To choose the carousel format, simply click on "Upload a photo or video" and the option appears in the drop-down menu that appears. And explain the added value of each piece. This mode of publication has the advantage of telling a story, photo after photo.


Post a video

When you want to broadcast the video of a property on Facebook, go directly through the video editor of Facebook and avoid third-party platforms (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo ...). Indeed, Facebook values ​​content uploaded on its site, which will translate into a larger reach. The presentation of the videos posted on the platform will be more pleasant and more fluid than if you posted a video from another platform, and the video will be played automatically.


Use Facebook Live

A short video is sometimes better than a long status. And if Facebook values ​​the videos considerably, live videos are even more so. Result? Range up to 10 times higher than a basic publication. It is also a format that is particularly suitable for the real estate sector. So during a visit, on the road or during an event, have the Facebook reflex live and privilege interactive communications.


Know how to manage your timing

Successful communication is the right message to the right person at the right time. As for Facebook, it's all the more true. Timing management can greatly improve the results of your page. It is therefore strongly recommended to post your articles in the morning between 6 am and 8 am or between noon and two. These are of course the time slots during which accumulate the largest number of users on Facebook.


Use emojis

For some years now, Facebook has set up its own emoji bank. If you think that these little icons are reserved for the youngest, think again. They have become common currencies in our exchanges, these little yellow faces reassure and are real vectors of emotions. Emojis allow you to reduce your texts to the benefit of non-verbal communication. A short message, spontaneous and more human to strengthen the links with your targets.


Organize a contest

Traffic magnet, a contest allows you to gain maximum visibility in a minimum of time all at lower costs. Extremely simple to set up, it is even necessary to file a settlement with a bailiff to organize a contest. For example, Prometheus Real Estate, a California-based company, created a social media photo contest using Facebook and asked its fans to send in a photo of their idea of “home” to be voted on by other fans. The reward was a $500 West Elm gift card, but as an additional incentive, Prometheus promised to donate $5 each for the first 200 entries to Habitat for Humanity. The rules: like the page, share the publication, identify 3 friends in a comment. Winning bet for the agency. Facebook’s algorithms allow for the posts that have likes and comments to move up and spread throughout each person’s Facebook feed.


Examples of real estate agencies that hit Facebook

ERA Real Estate


This agency has taken advantage of the power of Facebook, not only that of all the criteria mentioned earlier are respected, but in addition, it managed to make his page alive. Content is published there very regularly. These are, of course, links to the ads of the agency, but also articles about the area in which it operates, tips or local events. The more the agency alternates formats, the more it creates a pleasant visit to the page. The visuals are particularly neat and the result is in the number of people who like there page, almost 28,000.


VSM Real Estate

​This agency is a good example but for different reasons. Having completely completed the "About" information tab and regularly publishing quality content with photos that make you want to visit the properties of their portfolio, the page is very pleasant to visit. Only these are two small elements that add value to the profile. For starters, the VSM Real Estate agency is very responsive to the messages sent to it by its community, and it has a "verified" account for serious visitors.


​Contrary to what one may think, it is quite easy to get your own badge. Just fill out the following questionnaire:

Therefore, if you add the response time and the verifications, you get a legitimate and serious page. This kind of detail greatly reassures visitors and facilitates the relationship with customers. At a time when e-reputation is more and more taken into account, Facebook is an extremely powerful working tool to promote your real estate agency. Nevertheless, you should consider your Facebook property page as a sales tool and not a “magic” solution. Facebook is primarily about developing a large network and interacting with customers and potential partners. It’s a way to be more visible and differentiate yourself from the competition.

You now have all the tools you need. It's your turn!

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