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Mar 22, 2018 por Alexandre Nessler

Image Credit: Philippe Aboulin

Work for NASA

Do you like photography? Do you have an interest in science? If so, it's time to put your photography skills together in order to help science and help researchers better understand our planet. NASA is asking you to look up, shoot and send your best pictures of clouds!

NASA has launched a major data collection operation on a phenomenon that is still immensely complex but yet remains fascinating. The US Space Agency urges citizens around the world to take a maximum amount of cloud photos between March 15 and April 15 and send them in to allow researchers to refine research on cumulus, cirrus and cumulonimbus clouds. Simply go to their website for details of the operation and download the GLOBE Observer app on your smartphone and help NASA change the world.


Extremely useful data for scientists

The dates chosen are not set at random! Since we are setting into the first days of spring, "the change of seasons could lead to a pretty fascinating cloud activity in the sky," according to NASA. If it appeals to "citizen scientists", they will help researchers obtain more precise data on clouds. This is part of a project called Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES), which aims to better understand what roles clouds play in global climate change and other subjects. 

Cloud studies are done through satellites that photograph and collect data from the huge bodies of water seen from space. With amateur photography, the data would be more qualitative because they would then have a second point of view of the clouds, seen from below. The images taken from the Earth would, therefore, make it possible to better understand the data recorded by the satellites.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to show you a small selection of photos that reveal the incredible photographic opportunities offered by the sky. Maybe some of the photos will inspire you and that way you can contribute to science, who knows? Admire what nature offers us more beautiful, just above our heads:

witta priester cloud nasa

Credit: Witta Priester


rawhead rex cloud nasa

Credit: Rawhead Rex

nashmetro cloud nasa

Credit: Nashmetro

greg david nasa cloud

Credit: Greg David


ryan mcginis cloud nasa

Credit: Ryan Mcginnis

mike mezul nasa cloud

mike mezul nasa cloud

mike mezul nasa cloud

Credit: Mike Mezeul

anne goforth nasa cloud

Credit: Anne Goforth

anthony spencer cloud nasa

Credit: Antony Spencer



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