Karl Shakur's Photography Will Have You Pulling Out Your Passport

Mar 28, 2018 por Alexandre Nessler

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Photographs that make you want to travel

Some places are familiar to us, others are a mystery, soon to be discovered. No matter the situation presented in his photographs, Karl Shakur clearly stands out from other globetrotters, passionate about photography. This young American from Kansas often offers other points of view to the most unusual and beautiful places in the world, in which nature seems so strong and present that we almost forget his existence in the shot.

Each photo Karl Shakur depicts majestic landscapes, with much unevenness and depth. The fact that the sky isn’t as visible reinforces the impression of the omnipresent nature that surrounds us. To give more strength to his photography and more clues about the proportions, we often have a character or a human trace (like a car for example) somewhere in the frame, seeming insignificant in the face of the monumentalism.

What sets Karl Shakur apart from other travel photographers is his point of view. Even when the landscape is known and often appears in all traveler blogs and Instagram accounts, the angles are always original and very different from what has already been done. To see his photos and follow his regular trips to the four corners of the world, follow him on his website or on his Instagram account.


Skógafoss Waterfall, Iceland


Redwood Forest, California, USA

Wanaka, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Mont Cook, New Zealand

Mont Cook, New Zealand

Grampians, Australia

Great Ocean Road, Australia


Brookings, Oregon, USA

Grand Canyon, USA

Port Campbell National Park, Australia

Image Credits: Karl Shakur


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