Taking a look into the Bangalore Meero office with Kamal Kiran

21 Nov 2019 por Monica Linzmeier

Three years ago Meero was a small startup with big aspirations to empower creatives around the world. Now, Meero has been described as the largest photography company in the world. We try and better the lives of photographers in more than 100 countries by providing them with guidance, educational material, a platform to communicate with each other and connecting them with top global brands. We are giving creatives the necessary tools and providing them with time-saving technology to ease their lives and let them focus more on what they love. You might wonder who is behind all this? Well, here’s your chance to meet the team and get to know the people that are committed to improving the world of photographers. Meet Kamal:


What did you do before coming to Meero? 

Many things. I started my career as a Chip design engineer, headed an Education based NGO for 6 years and then joined a startup in the photography space - trying to organize the wedding photography market in India.


How did you find out about Meero?

At my last startup, I got in touch with Meero to explore opportunities to collaborate.  Two years later when Meero was setting up in India, I had the opportunity to meet Thomas and decided to join.


What do you like about working at Meero? 

I would say two distinct things: The cultural diversity that you find in the office and hyper-growth environment


What is the Bangalore Meero office like?

Two words: Action-packed.  Morning Madness is followed by afternoon anxiety and the day ends handling evening emergencies. In between all this, there is always a lot of banter and fun.  It's really thanks to the fact that there is an exciting bunch of diverse individuals who keep buzzing all through the day.


What do you do at Meero? 

At Meero, I handle Operations. This principally involves streamlining communication between the teams, anticipating different issues and providing elegant scalable solutions so that we can deliver quality shoots every time to the clients. 


Now can you explain what you do at Meero in three words?





What do you usually have on your desk/In your backpack?

I have a miniature India Flag and a small plant on the desk. In my backpack, I typically have gym clothes. I guess I am always hopeful that I’ll hit the gym in the evening.


What was your best idea ever?

Startup life is all about coming up with a bunch of small ideas every day to solve problems. Having said that I am working on world peace and global warming. You will hear about it soon.

Any Fun facts to share with us? Any hobbies? 

I actually spent two full years traveling across the Himalayas. During this time I climbed three peaks that were 6000m tall, and visited more than 50 towns and villages across India!

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