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Jan 2, 2020 por Pauline Gabrielli
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The way to recruit employees is always a major concern for any business. So how do you pick the right candidates out from the huge range of applications and recruitment channels? How do you differentiate and attract good candidates? Why and how do you communicate effectively? Read on to find out...

1. Be original

a) Recruitment methods

Escape games, role-play situations, recruitment challenges, and other original initiatives are all good ways to find out more about the person you’re recruiting. The best talent will be enticed by the best recruitment process; it makes them curious and intrigues them to learn more about your company.

Make your recruitment process out of the ordinary and capture those moments on video or with corporate headshots. They will help you to keep up this innovative program, even after the event.

Corporate Event Photography

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b) Recruit employees with lifestyle

If you want to increase productivity, reduce costs and avoid bad work behavior, then promote a good work-life balance! Employees nowadays are just as concerned about the quality of life in a job, as how much they will earn. If, for example, your office is right next to a beach, hiking/biking trails, a golf course, or any other attractive feature, make this known to your prospective employees. Promoting a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle will entice employees to come and work for you. Giving them time-off and encouraging not taking work home with them will create an excellent working environment.

Feel free to show off your employees and new office spaces, if you think this will help entice the best talent, by taking beautiful corporate photos of your staff and premises. Let your videos do the talking for you, by incorporating customer testimonials so that they can become ambassadors of your company. An interview of a happy, proud employee testifying to the great atmosphere in the office is a great way to provide a non-bias review of your company.

2. Employee Brand

a) Develop an enticing employee brand

An enticing employee brand is critical for hiring the best talent. The employer brand is a group of marketing actions activated in order to make the company attractive to future employees and retain current employees. It conveys a number of values to employees, but it is also a guarantee of reliability, quality, and methodology to your customers.

Event Photography

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Dell is a great example of a company that highlights its company culture. With photos, employee quotes and questions posted frequently on their Facebook page, it’s easy to see that Dell values its employees and isn’t afraid to show that! Good user engagement can attract potential employees into the conversation, this, in turn, will make them consider working for you, therefore encouraging talented candidates to apply.

dell corporate

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Your employee brand shows the level of innovation and creativity that your company is capable of increasing. Kristen Smalley, content manager for Randstad Canada says:

"Nail your employer branding, and you'll have top talent vying to get a foot in the door and work with you."

b) Demonstrate great company culture

Make your future employees think… “Wow, I wish I worked for a company that has that much fun!” Do this by showing your great employee culture through photos and videos on your social media sites, such as Facebook, as well as your website. You need to show potential employees that you value your employees and that they aren’t just valued between 9 am and 5 pm!

Your office space is important, and also reflects your company culture. Make it a nice working environment so that employees want to come to work, and don’t resent it. Corporate photos and videos of your office space is also a great way to promote your company to entice the best talent.

c) Build a close-knit community

You should be able to take pride in your community. The best way to entice great people is by treating them well! Treating people well starts with having a robust interview process, where candidates are respected and informed at every step. The next step is to have clear, fair policies in the workplace, which are consistently applied. This will earn respect from your employees, and after that, your reputation should do the employing for you!

3. Include benefits

a) Offer an employee benefit program

Nowadays, employees see this as essential, not desirable and this will always put you above companies that don’t offer this. To attract the best people, you must offer the best benefits program. This should include at least life, dental and mental coverage.

b) Offer creative benefits

In addition to these necessary benefits, you can motivate employees by offering perks! These could be anything from an on-site gym to offering vouchers for local gyms (if your company can’t yet afford their own one). Chat to your neighbors, suppliers, and distributors to see if you could offer discounts to employees for local businesses. This will both support local businesses and inject money into the local economy.

Linkedin profils recruitment

4. Widen the scope of your advertising

a) Have a variety of advertising methods

It’s not enough to just advertise job opportunities on your site. You will get a much wider range of applicants if you advertise widely too. You can also get other employees involved in the recruitment hunt. Some companies offer employees a signing bonus in return for bringing in high-quality candidates. However, social media should be your first port of call.

Feel free to choose at which events, exhibitions or conferences you promote your company. Events targeting will allow you to pick out the best and largest volume of candidates who are interested in your business and what you do.

Corporate Event Photography

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b) Remember to personalize and communicate

Personalization is the key to retaining great talent, after initially capturing their attention. Communicate with prospective employees using the same level of personalization as you do in your targeted marketing campaigns. Don’t be afraid of using a more casual tone, as this will engage your audience and make your company seem more approachable. This works on any level, from startups to law firms, for example. It will depend on your company and it’s up to you to set the tone and get the balance between approachable and professional.

Communication is as important. Good communication shows the legitimacy and sincerity of your company, which will make people want to work there. One of the most frequently shared experiences is a company’s failure to get in touch with candidates when they have been rejected. Even if you don’t hire someone, the rudeness of not communicating this can lead to severe costs and leave a bad taste in their mouths about your company.

c) Social media

"In 2011, LinkedIn accounted for 11% of our hires, in 2016 the rate is above 30%. This is our first source of recruitment.”

Carole Pasco-Domergue, Employer Brand Manager at L'Oréal.

Social media platforms have recently become essential to recruitment. But even though LinkedIn is the top recruitment platform, don’t neglect other social media platforms. Indeed, they hold a great power of corporate content "relay" and "transmission". So, it’s imperative that the company seize this opportunity to promote itself (such as notoriety, partnerships, branding) via platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so that potential talent can see the interest in joining your company.

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For example, Taco Bell’s social media is an excellent example of how employees' contribution to social media can be enhanced. They proudly display the restaurant's logo wearing their uniform, highlighting their employee brand. Their corporate photos show “joie de vivre”, team cohesion and passion for their job. Job seekers can clearly imagine what it would be like to work at Taco Bell and would feel more inclined to want to work there having seen their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Taco Bell Facebook

ⓒ TacoBell

Taco Bell Instagram

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Feel free to share your events (meetups, exhibitions, new offices), via social media to help demonstrate your company culture.

5. Make yours the offer the candidates can’t refuse, using Meero’s services

These high-quality applicants could really benefit your company, so keep that goal in mind when going through this process, even if at times it seems tedious. Developing an employee recruitment policy based on the tips above will help you attract the attention of the great employees you’re looking for. Meero offers a service that will greatly facilitate your search for the right photographer and guarantee results that will meet your expectations.

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