Success Story: How OYO Brazil saw an increase of up to 50% in occupancy* thanks to professional photos

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29 Jun 2020 著者: Monica Linzmeier

© OYO Brazil by Meero

*pre-COVID 2020

The project at a glance: 

472 hotel shoots between October 2019 and March 2020

267 cities around Brazil

+50% increase in occupancy rate on average (pre-COVID)

OYO Hotels and Homes, today’s leading hospitality chain in Brazil by number of hotels

OYO Brazil is a branch of OYO Hotels and Homes, a young hospitality startup and today’s world’s leading chain of hotels, homes, and spaces. In Brazil, OYO has a footprint of +500 properties and more than 13,000 rooms. 

OYO runs a unique operational model all around the world. They’ve perfected ‘the art of reviving old, unbranded properties and injecting them with new OYO style.’ That means that the properties around Brazil that sign up on the OYO platform are welcomed to the family with a remodeling of their space with sleek aesthetics; involving rooms with exclusive bathrooms, good location, wifi, and affordable prices. And the most important; following strict hygiene and sanitary standards.


Before and After renovation OYO Brazil

© OYO Brazil by Meero

As experts in tourism, they knew the impact of professional photography on booking rates. Glauce Botossi, Content Operations Manager in charge of the Content at OYO Brazil, began looking for a photography partner who would not only be able to manage the nationwide operation with expertise but who would also pay their photographer partners a fair amount. 

Something that is important to me, as an individual and for OYO as a company, is that the photographers are paid a fair amount and this is one of the many reasons that made us choose Meero.

-Glauce Botossi, Content Operations Manager, OYO Brazil


One of the particularities about the OYO platform is the transformation of the properties that sign up. When a new hotel signs up, they begin a retrofit of the property that can sometimes last up to 120 days. 

Having conducted studies about the impact of professional photography on occupancy rates Glauce and her team knew they couldn’t put just any photos on the platform while the hotel was undergoing the transformation. 

Along with their Meero Customer Success Manager, they put in place a custom system. Meero provides a simple photoshoot before the transformation, one that wouldn’t be edited heavily and is not as complete as the second shoot. Once the transformation was complete, the same photographer would be sent back to get new photos. 

“Even if the transformation only lasts one month, having professional photos of the hotels makes such a difference in booking rates that it’s worth having professional photos taken before the retrofitting begins, even if they are only used for a little while.”

- Bruna Reis, Customer Success Manager, Meero 

The system needed to be put in place all across the country, in the furthest corners of Brazil, sometimes with photographers having to travel hundreds of kilometers to find a secluded hotel, but Glauce and her team have found peace of mind working with Meero.  

OYO Brazil Rooms

© OYO Brazil by Meero


“Working with Meero has definitely eased my mind. I know that my Client Success Manager is always there for me and that Meero’s customer service is always available for my internal stakeholders. That's what we were trying to achieve, working with a company that has the expertise that we don't have, in this case, photography, and that we could work together with in order to reach all those cities and hotels in all corners of Brazil -- and that was no easy task, believe me.

- Glauce Botossi, Content Operations Manager, OYO Brazil

And those cities and those hotels spanned the entire country. Meero began opening cities and photographing different hotels in October 2019, and in the six months that followed, they delivered 472 shoots in 267 different cities. 

Meero and OYO Brazil


And the system is paying off! 

OYO conducted an in house study where they compared photos taken by the hotel owners to professional photography in order to find the impact the images had on occupancy rates and the average revenue increase per room. While it may not come as a surprise to those in hospitality, the results were staggering.  

Using professional photography led to occupancy rates increasing by 50%. 

For Glauce, the financial impact is a key factor, but more importantly, it strengthens OYO’s relationship with its partner hotels. 


OYO Brazil Hotel entrance

© OYO Brazil by Meero


Apart from building a visual production strategy that works, the result of the OYO Brazil and Meero collaboration is a real partnership. 

“I see working with Meero as a partnership: of course, we run into problems from time to time, but I know that we are in this together and we see eye-to-eye on the goals we want to achieve.. I would say that one of the things I like most about working with Meero is the willingness to go the extra mile and, together, drive great results to both Meero and OYO - results based on the best visual content our partners and customers can possibly have.”

- Glauce Botossi, Content Operations Manager, OYO Brazil


© OYO Brazil by Meero

And it’s not just working with their Customer Success Manager either, Glauce has found the Production teams and the Customer service teams at Meero a pleasure to work with, and in the past six months since the beginning of the collaboration, she has not found the different time zones make a difference. 

As for the next steps for the partnership? A change in the way photoshoots are ordered and edited. Full integration will allow the OYO Brazil teams to order and download photos directly from the platform, simplifying even further their workflow. 

© OYO Brazil by Meero