How to attract more people to luxury retail stores?

03 Jul 2019 著者: Alexandra Nadareyshvili
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Whether you’re opening a new retail store or trying to get more customers to check out the store you opened a few years ago, it’s important to understand the right techniques that would attract new buyers and retain loyal shoppers. According to BCG, the luxury industry will expand annually at a rate of 7%. Foot traffic is essential since more traffic means more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which will ultimately lead to higher revenues. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to increase customer traffic. Here are just a few of the tips you can follow to attract the ideal clients to your store:

1. Promote Your Store on Social Media

2. Promote Your Luxury Stores with Beautiful Photography and use AI to Edit

3. Lounge Areas

4. In-Store Events 

5. Partner with Celebrities and Influencers 

6. Use Google My Business 

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1. Promote Your Store on Social Media 

Social media can bring the luxury retail business closer to consumers. With the help of social media, it’s possible to personalize offers and contact each consumer directly. Nowadays, about 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels to connect directly with buyers. However, to promote a luxury brand on various platforms, you have to take into account several aspects:

- Consistency throughout your social media: including the website, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook accounts 

- Keeps the news updated 

- Use influencers or micro-influencers to engage fans and followers 

- A user-generated context that acts as a word of mouth or recommendation 

- Social Shopping 

Social media platforms serve well for luxury goods as they have high visual appeal and captivate the right audience. Although luxury brands strive to maintain exclusivity, thus targeting only a very specific audience, an online presence is a necessary aspect of branding and the challenge to stay exclusive and desirable while actively promoting on social media remains. 

2. Promote your Luxury Store with Beautiful Photography thanks to Meero

The New York Times cited that 84% of people found pictures to be very important. What’s more, one photo can boost engagement by 138%. However, photography of the luxury retail store is very particular, as there’s a lot of planning and instructions that usually go into the process. Often the brands will provide photographers with numerous instructions concerning the setup, lighting, and retouching. 

AI helps the entire process, making it faster and easier. AI can make the pictures photographers take look better; more color vivid and free of imperfections. Photography that has been edited by AI can dramatically increase ROI for retail stores. Also, AI can augment what humans can do, taking it to another level and produce a higher quality final result. On the other hand, photographers can focus on creativity and embody the brand's values and beliefs into the retail photos of luxury brands. 

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Although some might fear that AI will destroy the elements of originality and novelty, others reassure that AI will only make photographers’ lives easier by saving them time and performing all the tedious tasks for them. According to BigCommerce, 78% of shoppers want photos to bring products to life. With AI, luxury retail stores can do just that.

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At Meero, we’re specializing in providing you with high-quality photography. As the largest photography company in the world that raised over $230 million in funds, we guarantee to pair your luxury retail store with the most well-suited and experienced product photographer near you. At Meero, we partner with photographers in more than 80 countries. While a 60-minute shoot takes a photographer on average four hours of post-production work, Meero’s AI can complete the same work in seconds. 

Meero can provide you the best service by

- Giving you a seamless user experience 

- Using cutting edge AI algorithms 

- Providing you with an easy ordering process  

- Giving you access to end-to-end service 

Thanks to its adaptable and scalable solutions, at Meero, we can provide prime retail photography that can reflect the identity and beliefs of your luxury brand, while delivering the final product in less than 24 hours. 

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3. Lounge Areas, Innovative Concepts and Interesting in-Store Designs 

A luxury retail store goes above and beyond selling their products just because of their name. BCG claims that the luxury industry is changing from 'having' to 'being,' meaning that buyers want to experience the luxury rather than just owning it. Stores have to reflect their originality and exclusivity through innovative installations. Let’s take a look at some of the retail stores around the world that stand out with their brilliant and inspiring design. Here are a few of them:

- Alexander McQueen’s new flagship store on Bond Street has photos and art displayed around the store, reflecting the brand’s fascination with nature. The top floor is dedicated to showing the history of the brand, while the rest of the store is focused on product promotion. 

- Atelier Beaute Channel is targeting the new generation of luxury shoppers, installing a black door that acts as a pathway for clients to go inside the room and smell different scents. In addition to that, there’s a makeup station that encourages customers to experiment with new beauty products. 

- Balmain incorporates the concept of Parisian residential architecture, with a ceiling height mirrors that resemble a catwalk and giant chandeliers that shine a spotlight on cabinets decorated with gold and made out of glass. 

- Burberry collaborated with the artist Graham Hudson to create a three-story building that features 80 cameras that take 360-degree photos. However, the main attraction is a robot that creates sculptures of the human body, which has been the centerpiece of the store. 


4. In-Store Events 

In-store events are a great way to introduce new products and build trust among consumers. There’s a lot of preparation that usually goes into the organization of the event, especially the market research to determine the time and the best approach. Here are some of the ideas luxury brands used in the past:

- Product Launch Party-is a perfect way to make the clients feel valued and also introduce new products. By letting your buyers see the product before it goes on the mass market, you’re letting your clients feel valued and exclusive. Chanel is one of the brands that stand out when it comes to launching a new product and introducing the story behind it to a selected group of individuals. 

- VIP events are good for building customer loyalty, providing an incentive for customers to keep coming back. 

- Holiday events that make the customer feel special.

- Charity events have been becoming a priority for several luxury brands that aim at ‘giving something back.’ Take, for example, Rolex, which announced that the artist Olafur Eliasson and novelist Michael Ondaatje would be among experts participating in the Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative.

Regardless of the type of the event, the goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and the brand. Companies are aware that their consumers are attracted to the brands that share similar passions, thus it’s essential to do the necessary market and customer research to connect with clients. 

5. Partner with Celebrities and Influencers 

Luxury retail stores can always count on celebrities when promoting their products. Although most would think that collaborating with a celebrity on a project can always lead to success, some experts say otherwise. Celebrities are needed to be used with caution when it comes to the advertisement for luxury products. Instead of using celebrities as just selling agents, your brand needs to use celebrities as testimonials. It’s the idea of a famous person using the same bag, wearing the same shoes and clothes like you. Luxury brands use celebrities to build trust among consumers; to show that if they trust the brand, then consumers can also trust the brand. According to Marketwatch, celebrity endorsement raises sales by 4% on average. So considering this, it might be worth it to invite in an influential celebrity that shares similar values as the brand to announce the opening of the store or to share special news. 

It is also important to understand that when celebrities promote a brand, they also endorse their image and reputation. Ad Age stated that a brand that has a celebrity or an athlete in their ads, can see their stock rise by .25. The influencer should match the image and brand identity to create a convincing ad. For example, your audiences wouldn't want to see a famous athlete like LeBron James promote a women's’ line of makeup. 

6. Use Google My Business 

Google My Business is a service that enables businesses to manage their presence on Google. The service allows your retail store to announce the name, address, hours and placement on the map. The idea behind Google My Business is to provide viewers with all the necessary information about the business, without having them do either do additional research or click on more links. According to Think With Google, three out of four people find local information in search results helpful and are more likely to visit the stores. Furthermore, 88% of the customers read online reviews before making up their minds to visit the store. GMB allows you to verify and manage the reviews to understand how happy the customers are about their shopping experience. 

With GMB, you can also get access to free promotional tools to increase store traffic. To make sure users are attracted by the post, professional photos on the GMB are essential. Not only it will foster a better impression from potential consumers, but also create a professional image in general.