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13 Mar 2019 द्वारा Margot Bruneaux de la salle

Paris, 13th march 2019 - In another step towards revolutionising the global photography market, Meero is launching its ambassador program dedicated to photographers. Meero will be reaching out to photography students and freelance photographers to direct and unite the 50,000 members of Meero's community.  

This program will allow Meero to have physical representatives in 35 countries and 100 towns, thanks to around 20 ambassadors. They’ve been recruited for their enthusiasm, curiosity, dynamism and versatility, and have the task of organising meetups, leading and developing the worldwide community, promoting Meero, and getting feedback on their work to improve photographers’ wellbeing in their partnerships with Meero.

This program will enable them to improve the daily lives of photographers by uniting the community and offering them a global network. This experience is also rewarding for the ambassadors. They receive a salary, free photography lessons, and importantly the opportunity to be the face of Meero in their region and get closer to the photographers. 

The european process has been brought to a close, meaning the ambassadors will soon be coming together in Paris to meet local teams and start the adventure which awaits them!  Meero is looking for ambassadors in the United States, Latin America and Asia from here on out.


About Meero

Founded in 2016, Meero aims to revolutionise the world of photography by allowing photographers to dedicate themselves to their passion. From providing revenues and market research to invoicing, post-production, and delivery, Meero takes care of all the laborious, time-consuming tasks which plague the industry.

Meero also solves a major problem in the world of photography: photo editing. Normally 60 minutes of actual shooting will take up to 4 hours of extra post-production work. The cutting-edge content enrichment technologies the company is currently developing can reduce this time to a few seconds, solving the problems of long delivery times, inconsistent photo rendering and unfair prices.

Meero further gives artists the chance to work with major brands and take advantage of a whole range of solutions that simplify their work and make the production of beautiful images far easier.

These innovations allows big brands to access tailor-made photo and video content from anywhere in the world. Meero manages the photoshoot process from beginning to end, guaranteeing unbeatable prices, delivery times of less than 24 hours and a regular, professional photo quality. 

Today Meero is:

- The world leader in Artificial Intelligence photo editing

- The first on-demand photograph platform in the world.

- The provider to 31,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

- A network of 58,000 photographers across the globe.

- The employer of 540 workers of 37 different nationalities

- Delivering a photoshoot to a client every 25 seconds.

- Based in 6 offices around the world: Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore and Sydney


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