Success Story: How Meero helped efood scale throughout Greece

10 Jul 2019 द्वारा Monica Linzmeier

The project at a glance

-Onboarded more than 170 photographers
-27 locations around Greece
-1,500 photoshoots to date 
-More than 15,000 edited photos delivered 
-Photos delivered in under 24 hours 
-40 to 60 additional on-going shoots per week
-11 Dedicated Meeronauts
-5 Greek Speaking team members

efood: #1 food delivery service in Greece 

efood started from a living room with 3 people in 2012 and it is the #1 online food delivery service in Greece. This DeliveryHero company cooperates with more than 6,500 stores in 60 cities and has the most online transactions on a daily basis than any other online service in Greece. Their users can order food in three simple steps: add, cart, send! 

Since having consistent branding is essential in any company, and high-quality photography can increase online commerce conversions by 30%, efood knew they needed to send professional photographers to their partner stores. The problem, however, is that Greece is a country full of small islands, and hard to reach places.    

It was very difficult for us to find many different photographers all around Greece, train them, make them follow our standards and have daily calls with them for all the appointments and shootings and getting back the results in the time we wanted.

- Alexandros Georgantas, Head of Non-Commission Revenue

With so many collaborating partners, the logistics of getting photographers to all of their stores was complicated, to say the least, so they turned to Meero. 

© efood by Meero

The Solution

Starting in October 2018, Meero has accompanied efood throughout the project with a dedicated team of 11 people including 5 Greek-speaking team members, greatly facilitating communication. 

The communication between us and Meero was great from the beginning since we had an account manager who spoke Greek. Everything was really efficient and very well explained.

- Alexandros Georgantas, Head of Non-Commission Revenue

In order to accomplish this colossal task, Meero onboarded more than 170 photographers in 27 various cities around Greece. The Meero team went the extra mile by combing through remote island photography communities and calling tourist info boards to find photographers. 

It was time-consuming, challenging, but super rewarding to see the payoff. We now have more than 170 photographers working on the project.

- Daniel Walsom, International Partner Acquisition Coordinator at Meero

The team even went so far as to organizing travel for the islands where photographers are few and far between, booking trips that lasted several days to cover a maximum number of restaurants. 

© Meero 

Meero handled all of the organization, pre-production and finally, thanks to our world-class editing AI, was able to deliver professional quality images, ready to use, in under 24 hours from the time of the shoot. 

The Delivery

Since the project launch in October, Meero has delivered 1,500 photoshoots and more than 15,000 photos! With 40 to 60 additional shoots being booked per week, efood is well on its way to creating a beautiful and complete food delivery marketplace.  

Each location received 9 individual dish photos and one overview photo, using natural lighting and staged by talented local photographers.

© efood by Meero

The results? An increase in CTR

In just nine months, Meero and efood have made huge progress in capturing and presenting the spirit of its collaborating stores and it’s not over yet. With an additional 40 to 60 shoots per week, this project is far from over but the results are already rolling in.  

We saw an increase in the CTR, it's an incredible service that somehow frees your hands, they just handle all the rest.

- Alexandros Georgantas, Head of Non-Commission Revenue

With improved visual branding and consistent photo quality throughout the site, Meero has helped efood to scale faster than ever before. Take a look at efood Head of Non-Commission Revenue Alexandros Georgantas’ account below.

At the end of the day everything is handled by them and you don’t have to do anything.

- Alexandros Georgantas, Head of Non-Commission Revenue

Have a difficult photography project to tackle, anywhere in the world? Find out how Meero can help simplify your life.

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