Meero Meetup: Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop, New York

© Eliezer Martinez, Meero 

On Tuesday, July 23rd, the Meero Community met up for a photo workshop led by Matt Gunther, an expert photographer with 20 years of experience.  

With Gunther as a guide and Manhattan as a backdrop, 15 participants took turns taking natural light portraits of models Karina Matos and Déjaun Binns. 

Meero Meetup New York

© Eliezer Martinez, Meero


As this outdoor portrait workshop lasted for more than three hours, the participants were invited to dive into the fundamentals of capturing portraits using natural light. In addition, they discussed location scouting, composing, camera settings, and other industry insights.

© Eliezer Martinez, Meero

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Matt Gunther (Instructor)

Kyle James

Debra Patricia

Shandy Tsai

Perry  Counsil

Barry Richards

Martin Lei


Denise Dell’Olio

Dominique Misrahi

Karina Matos (Model)

Déjaun Binns (Model)

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