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Apr 16, 2018 द्वारा Alexandre Nessler

From a photographic point of view, 2017, was THE year of the drone. Never has the remotely controlled flying object been used so much by professional and amateur photographers, as the New York Drone Film Festival presented or even the Sony World Photography Awards showed us. However, in 2018, it seems to be going down the same path. Drone photography is now a widespread genre accessible to all. Gary Cummins is proof of this. Working in the building sector to make a living, this amateur photographer finds himself showing his point of view (and sometimes that of his drone!) of the world around him in his spare time!

Another vision of the city and nature

 Cummins has a strong taste for travel that offers a rather extraordinary vision of natural and urban majesty! The plunging images for which the lens is placed parallel to the ground paradoxically give the impression of an observation of the life of the cities under a microscope! This way of taking photos of an urban landscape invents new lines and new curves to which we are not accustomed to photography. The flat aspect of the sets and the height make it possible to move away from the noise of the cities which is usually reflected in urban photos. Gary Cummins' natural landscapes could have been taken by a bird or by the wind if it had hands, because unlike his urban photographs, they give you a feeling of flying!

In an interview with National Geographic, he shows the difference between drone photography in cities and in the countryside! In the city, drones are forced to respect a certain regulation to ensure safety, whereas the natural landscapes give more freedom to the photographer and offer possibilities. Just see for yourself!

Photo Credits: Gary Cummins

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