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13 Nov 2019 द्वारा Pauline Gabrielli

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Over 75% of eCommerce shoppers say product pictures are very influential when they're deciding whether they want to buy a product online. Photos are the number one way of making sure the quality of your business comes across online, and on massive marketplaces, you need to work especially hard to stand out from the competition. High-quality photos make sure you show your professionalism to customers and attract potential new clients. Let’s examine a few examples.

  1. Airbnb

  2. Deliveroo

  3. Trip Advisor

  4. Etsy

I) Airbnb

Advertisements on Airbnb with a good photo have a click-through rate 7 times higher than those without.

Airbnb had a campaign at one point to get professional photographers to take photos of their apartments and other accommodation while they were trying to ramp up their business. They found that reservations more than doubled after they had been given professional visual content to advertise them.

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What's more, the results we have so far suggest that advertisements on Airbnb with a good photo have a click-through rate 7 times higher than those without.

The statistics from Airbnb itself only go on to prove the point. A 40% increase in earnings, 24% more bookings, and a 26% increase in average nightly price are just some of the major gains you can make with a good visual strategy.

Not only can this clearly increase your reservations and sales, but it also means you can increase the price you charge for your reservations: a more professional image leads to professional demand and professional profits. Not to mention, you can use photos for the new Airbnb Experiences - a service that lists sites, restaurants, activities, and events in the local area to accommodation:

II) Deliveroo

According to Deliveroo’s own statistics, providing visuals for individual items can have a 6.5% increase in sales compared to those without.

This startup has had an astonishing impact on the food industry, now operating in 12 countries and working with 10,000 restaurants in the UK alone. While in a physical restaurant you might try to avoid using photos on the menu, online, you need visuals to stand out from the competition. Without a visual representation of your dishes, people have no reference as to the quality or quantity of your food. Think of listings on Deliveroo as your shop window.

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According to Deliveroo’s own statistics, providing visuals for particular items can have a 6.5% increase in sales compared to those without. Their algorithm also makes listings with better images automatically appear higher up in search results - say if someone searches for ‘Italian food’ near them, no matter how good a certain pizzeria is, without photos, it will usually end up lower down in the search results than the competition.

III) TripAdvisor

53% of TripAdvisor users won’t make a reservation at an establishment without photos

TripAdvisor now has over 4.4 million different listings on its site, including accommodation, restaurants, and attractions all around the world.

According to a study carried out by Pebble Design, 53% of TripAdvisor users won’t make a reservation at an establishment without photos (whether they’re hotels, restaurants, or tourist sites.)

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According to that same study:

  • Accommodation with at least 1 PHOTO has a 138% higher rate of travel engagement
  • Accommodation with more than 100 PHOTOS has a 151% higher rate of travel engagement
  • Accommodation with at least 1 PHOTO  has a 225% higher chance of booking inquiry
  • Accommodation with more than 100 PHOTOS has a 238% higher chance of booking inquiry.

Given how small the change is between those huge differences in content volume, you can really see the importance of having even a few professional images. 

Customers want to know what kind of experience they’re going to have. If they’re paying top-dollar for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on holiday, then they want to be able to see in advance what kind of services they’ll get, what kind of surroundings your business has, what the rooms themselves look like, etc. It’s the main way of really selling your business these days - enticing them with luxury visuals of your hotel or hostel and having content that stands out from the millions of other listings online you’ll be up against.

IV) Etsy

90% of Etsy users say that photo quality influences them to make a purchase

Etsy is an online marketplace specifically for selling vintage and handmade goods, now used by smaller businesses and brands to put their art, accessories, and clothing online for a global audience.

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Etsy carried out studies on their users’ behavior, which generally concluded that photo quality was overwhelmingly the most important factor in an online sale. 90% is a difficult figure to argue with!

People looking to buy a specific product, especially if it’s expensive or in large quantities, are going to examine your profile in great detail and only make a decision if they’re happy with the general aesthetic and quality of your product. Bearing in mind the need to show as much information about your goods as possible, visual content is obviously the way to go. If the photos don’t show them what they want or don’t show it clearly enough, then you risk losing out on a sale. That’s why you need to make sure this content is of the highest professional standard.

V) Meero can deliver the high-quality visuals you need

Here at Meero, we’re very aware of the impact professional photos have on online marketplaces from our experiences working with Deliveroo, Hopper, and others. We can provide all the services to meet your visual content needs to an unbeatable standard, and in record time.

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Wherever you are in the world, our company can guarantee a photographer, video cameraman or drone operator available to carry out the shoot for you whenever you need. Our photographers are experienced in all kinds of major corporate photography, be it food, hotels, property or e-commerce. You just have to put in a date and time of your choice, and Meero takes care of all the rest:

  • We find an experienced photographer/video cameraman/drone pilot compétent wherever you are,

  • Organize the shoot,

  • Take the photos and videos,

  • Edit the photos manually and using our cutting-edge AI systems,

  • And deliver the content back to you on our platform in 24 hours.

Thanks to our international photographer community, we have access to tried and tested content creators at any time.  So why not drop us a line today to handle your visual content.

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