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Nov 22, 2019 द्वारा Monica Linzmeier

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Anyone can see that great visuals are an important part of your social media strategy, from increasing your clicks (by 84% by the way) to being the first impression for many potential leads and followers. Your company’s brand image is directly impacted by the quality of your visual presence online. 

At the end of the day, social media is an undeniable part of today’s digital marketing landscape, and any company trying to reach their public can not ignore the real impact it plays today. That’s why we contacted Mai Bruun Poulsen, a Senior Account Manager from We Are Social, a creative agency founded at the dawn of Social Media, to ask her a few questions about her thoughts on social media.  

Mai focuses on helping brands find their identities in the age of digital and social media and helping them to understand that the rules of online communication are not the same as traditional outlets. 

We got together so I could pick her brain about what companies should be focused on in their social media strategies. 


What platforms should companies definitely be on? 

There’s not one go-to platform for marketers. Whether it’s TikTok, Twitter or Twitch, it all depends on the opportunities that the specific platform offers for the brand to address its audience and engage with the communities present on the specific platform to create relevant social interactions. The importance when building a presence on a platform is to understand the community dynamics and to be a part of this using the tools, grammar, and codes of the platform without pushing through their brand message.


How important are visuals for social media? 

Visuals remain important to vehicle a positive brand image, to maximize engagement and to convey a message. But be sure to take into account the other factors and techniques that enable interactions: conversational tools native to the different platforms, amplification opportunities such as media partnerships and influencer content, reactive community management, podcasts and of course effective copywriting.


What is your favorite Social Media campaign you've seen so far? 

The integrated campaign #BloodNormal by Libresse/Bodyform that strived to normalize period and encourages society to speak openly about this subject that strangely has remained taboo despite it obviously being a natural part of women’s (and men’s) lives. Not only does it address important taboos and build body positivity, but the entire orchestration of the campaign was also brilliant with short films, specially designed underwear created in partnership with a French designer, novels, etc.

Check out this promotional video for the campaign! 


When a company is starting out a social media channel, what is the most important factor to consider?

The starting point should always be an analysis of the brand’s core and target audience and a mapping of their behavior/conversations on the specific platform in order to know how to best connect with them and provide the most relevant content and experiences.


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