Go behind the scenes of a Meero Meetup with Axelle Tironneau

16 Jan 2020 द्वारा Monica Linzmeier

Every month, Meero ambassadors host meetups all around the world in order to bring photographers together through photo walks, social gatherings and cocktail hours.  With a growing community of more than 60,000 photographers, these meetups are a way to connect and get to know others that work in the field. But all of these events and connections take hard work to put together. Today, meet one of the women behind the scenes: Axelle Tironneau.   

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When did you join Meero and how did you find out about it?

I joined meero in October 2018, yes I'm part of the old crowd (laughs). So I've been watching Meero evolve for more than two years now and it's been very exciting. 
I got to know Meero through an application that allows you to match up with companies and get in touch with each other.

What do you do at Meero?

I started in partner acquisition, onboarding photographers in France mainly, Canada, Morocco... Then I wanted to learn more about the photographers and follow their evolution. So Meero offered me a Community Relations position. I'm here to take care of the different communities of photographers around the world. That means that I organize meetups/workshops where we meet the photographers, not only to learn more about their job as photographers but to help bring photographers together and create a community. 
I have traveled to many countries in order to meet with the different communities and understand their cultures and needs in order to adopt us.

Meet Axelle, in charge of Community Relations at Meero

Can you tell us about what you do at meetups ?

The aim of these meetups is to bring together photographers doing assignments with Meero, to present our new services, and to work on small workshops with different themes (food, real estate...).

We really want to unify these photographers who usually work independently. To break up their isolation and to allow photographers to get to know one another, to spend a pleasant time together. 

My mission is really to highlight the work of photographers and break up their isolation to create a cohesive community.

Meet Axelle, in charge of community relations at Meero


How many meetups did you go to last year?

Last year there were 120 meetings held around the world (Editor’s note: Check out this photo walk in Ampang or this photo workshop in New York). I am actually on my way to one in Taiwan! Of course, I couldn’t do everything, so we have onboarded more than 20 ambassadors. Ambassadors are photographers who represent their communities around the world. 

What do you like about working with photographers?

I am not originally a photographer, but working in this field has given me the opportunity to learn so much. What’s more, it is honestly such a pleasure to get to know the needs and the profession of the photographer nowadays. Being directly in the field with these meetups, I really get to know everyone and act as the link between photographers and Meero. 

Meet Axelle, in charge of Community Relations at Meero


Can you explain what you do at Meero in three words?


What do you usually take on a Meero trip?

Goodies for the photographers, of course, my notebook for notes, my road map, and my motivation and energy.

Do you have any funny stories from a Meero trip?

Probably getting stuck in a taxi along with my colleague in the middle of the countryside in Bali and not being able to get out of the cab because we couldn't communicate with the driver (it was freaky at the time but in retrospect it was funny).


Meet Axelle, in charge of Community Relations at Meero

If you want to see what a Meetup is like in real life, check out this video recap of last year’s Sydney Meetup! 

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