Making Meero Magic in Tokyo with Juyoung Jang

14 Nov 2019 द्वारा Monica Linzmeier

Three years ago Meero was a small startup with big aspirations to empower creatives around the world. Now, Meero has been described as the largest photography company in the world. We try and better the lives of photographers in more than 100 countries by providing them with guidance, educational material, a platform to communicate with each other and connecting them with top global brands. We are giving creatives the necessary tools and providing them with time-saving technology to ease their lives and let them focus more on what they love. You might wonder who is behind all this? Well, here’s your chance to meet the team and get to know the people that are committed to improving the world of photographers. Meet Juyoung:

What did you do before coming to Meero?

I worked for a small Language school in Japan. I taught English and Korean to adults and kids alike! I researched and practiced short dialogues, daily expressions, and news articles for private and group lessons. It was important to me that my students enjoyed learning and reaching their goals throughout the entire time they studied at my school. Because we were a small company, I also took calls, scheduled students, answered emails and filled in for the accountant! 

Before coming to Japan, I worked for a travel agency. I was in charge of operating local hotels and creating itineraries in Guam. I also created new tour itineraries and launched promotions so that we could reach specific targets and stay exciting to our customers. I spent a good deal of time working with Microsoft Excel and because I was good at what I did, I was given special opportunities to develop promotion ideas. 

So do you have an art background or a business background? 

I don't have either background, really. I have just always enjoyed photography and marketing. I tell people that before I moved to New Zealand, the world I lived in was too small. It was there that I started taking photos and making the effort to meet new people every day. I learned so much, I was changed forever!

What do you like about Meero and how did you find out about it?

I love the people I work with. Not only the people here in the Tokyo office, but also those I speak to often in France. We all learn from each other, and if problems arise, everyone tries to help each other out. I feel so lucky, and I find that I'm excited to come to work.

I found Meero on Youtube. I saw interviews with amazing photographers, Thomas, and the beautiful office. I saw the vision and potential of this company. Then soon after, I saw that Meero was looking for people in Japan to join their team! I applied right away. I went through five different interviews before being offered my position. When I asked why there were so many interviews, I was told that since Meero is new in Japan, they wanted to find really good people. I feel very proud to be chosen as a part of the Meero team. 

Can you explain what you do at Meero in three words?




What do you usually have on your desk?

My fantastic iMac, my handy LARGE tumbler of coffee, and the ever-useful: pen and notebook. 

What was your best idea ever?

Honestly, I think I surprise myself every week with what new things I can come up with! But the best ideas, are the ones my peers help me to become reality. 

Do you have any fun facts to share?

I happen to be the first South Korean at Meero! That fact makes me feel very special. I was the first foreigner in the Tokyo office (even though people here forget I'm not from Japan)! 

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