Why corporate photos & videos are vital for your Employer Branding in 2019

06 Nov 2019 द्वारा Phoebe Cook

95% of candidates find out about their future business before applying for a job

As the lines blur even more between marketing and recruitment, the best brands are bold and authentic, sharing ‘what it’s really like to work here.’ An insight into the company culture, career progression, and colleagues, is now a must for job-seekers.

1. What is an Employer Brand?

Employer branding is the process of promoting a company to the desired target audience, one which the company needs and wants to recruit and retain.

An Employer Brand is something that every company has; it is the identity of your company as an employer of choice.

To create an effective, attractive employer brand you must be able to attract employees by creating a brand that is: true, credible, relevant, distinctive and aspirational. Your company must address Top Talent, but you must also meet the Top Management’s demands. This is a difficult balance to strike but will be worth it for your company in the long run.

What is included in an Employer Brand?

  • Analytics and advisory services in order for your company to understand what kind of value it offers and what it’s EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is.

  • Activation is the marketing plan and communication to ensure your company is hiring people who are suited to your company and who also adhere to your company’s values and standards.

  • KPI Development and Tracking in order to monitor your Employer Brand’s progress and results when you decide to use a different campaign, messaging approach, channel, etc. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) help keep track of performance levels so that your company branding can keep getting better and better!

2. What are the Advantages of having a good Employer Brand?

The employer brand is a group of marketing actions activated in order to make the company attractive to future employees and retain current employees.

It conveys a number of values to employees, but it is also a guarantee of reliability, quality, and methodology to your customers.

It shows the level of innovation and creativity that your company is capable of increasing its notoriety, authenticity, and values in the eyes of as many people as possible.

3. How to make sure your Corporate Content is at the heart of your Employer Brand

1. Define your message and candidate persona

It’s important to think about the overall tone you want your company to convey. This will help potential candidates to know exactly what to expect as an employee. Your Employee Brand should be consistent and professional at every point, to reflect how your company works.

Present a cohesive picture of your company, but remember to have human touches too, this will differentiate you from your competitors and make future employees want to be a part of your organization.

2. Nurture your company culture

83% of millennials are actively engaged when they believe a company fosters an inclusive attitude.

Your culture reflects your employer brand, it isn’t something that can be prescribed. So building a positive culture is the right place to start to create a strong employer brand.

Take it from Sociabble, a company specializing in internal communications:

"The breadth and depth of employee engagement is enhanced considerably when all individuals feel they have a voice; when attention is drawn to the experiences and insights of those at all levels. From photos employees take at events, to blog posts written by senior management and ideas put forward by interns; companies need to find a way to centralize, share and discuss content that comes from employees themselves. This content is of extreme value when it comes to employer branding; as it has a personal voice and showcases the people who make the organization tick."

3. Understand brand perception

70% of people look at reviews before they make career decisions.

Employees will undoubtedly use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor and Indeed to share their experiences. These are great platforms to get feedback in order to improve your employee value proposition. You can search out the pain points that might deter the Top Talent from applying.

Meero corporate individual portrait

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employee brand

4. Build brand advocacy

84% of people trust peer-to-peer recommendations

Nowadays, marketing has branched out from traditional methods and incorporates technology and social media. Both corporate and employer brand are in the hands of your employees - and customers too.

With peer-to-peer recommendations being more important than ever before in terms of advertising, this also affects recruitment. This is why it’s vital to get everyone you can to shout about your employer brand on-board, from your front-of-house staff to hiring managers. Give your employees some free time on social media to build their own brand by sharing their working lives with others.

5. Treat candidates like customers

Glassdoor endorses the view that candidates increasingly treat job searches like online shopping. As part of their research, job-seekers want to know about your company’s expectations, working environment and interview process. They may also leave reviews about their candidate experiences.

Therefore, it’s important to provide a positive, consistent, fair and engaging journey. LaunchPad’s platform offers a fully-branded, content-rich candidate experience whether you want to incorporate video interviewing, game-based assessment or psychometric testing. This way of testing means candidates move through to the next stage quickly, avoiding unnecessary delays.

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6. Be honest with yourself and others

Do not pretend to be something your company is not. Be authentic. If you are narrating a video interview, for example, everything you say must be true. You are not trying to trick your clients or employees into joining your company, but rather, you’re trying to invest in worthwhile people who will bring value to your business.

Your presentation should convey real, moving, personal and animated communication. There is no point in showing a forced, fake front, rather, show "real life."

7. Reduce text and increase images

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by information and have answers right at our fingertips, targeting emotions is much better than blocks of information. So, steer clear of long, explanatory texts, statistics and lean more towards videos and photos which add another dimension to your employer brand.

Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%

Videos particularly resonate with an audience, as they are dynamic. Interview-style videos and the backing music also help to transmit the message with emotion directly to the target audience.

8. Favor interviews

Continuing with the theme of being truthful, video interviews are an ideal way to gain brand recognition. Interviews make the video natural, authentic and honest. This is essential for a CEO who wants high visibility and wants to be the face of their company. The same thing goes for client testimonials. Testimonials provide ‘social proof’ and a non-bias opinion of your company.

As we’ve said before, 84% of people trust peer-to-peer recommendations. Those who don’t know what to think will tend to adopt the behavior or point of view of other people. As a result, relying on customer testimonials will put you ahead vis-à-vis new prospects.

Video © Meero

Your employer brand provides credibility for a company. It conveys what really goes on in the company and shows a softer, human side to facts and statistics. In this digital age, candidates now have access to information about businesses in just a few clicks. It’s essential to master social media communication in order to propel your company into this digital era. There are various ways to do this, such as creating events, keeping up with your competitors and effectively publishing corporate content that engages emotionally both with future clients and potential candidates.

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