Community Interview with Jeremie Petit

21 Oct 2019 Por Monica Linzmeier

© Jeremie Petit

Meet Jeremie Petit, a photographer from Bordeaux who has been shooting for more than eight years. Over the past three years, he's been filling the gaps in his agenda with Meero gigs and he hasn't looked back! He sat down with us to give a little insight into his experience. 


What made you want to be a photographer? 

Photography sorted of just happened to me when my best friend Mathieu Cesar asked me to be his assistant for a photoshoot!


What inspires your work? 

I am inspired, on one hand, by fashion trends, of course, and on the other, I am inspired by my passions: Japan, new technology, music… 


What was your favorite shoot of all time? 

My favorite shoot was probably in Paris as an assistant, we shot a campaign with Iggy Pop who turned out to be extremely kind and really great with the whole team, and who told us all about his evenings spent with Gainsbourg… it was really quite surrealist.


What attracted you to fashion? 

A little like photography, fashion kind of just happened to me, but I have always been attracted by trends. In particular, some Japanese brands, Bape, BBC, Ice Cream, with an aesthetic that was at the same time pop, hip-hop and fun. 


Do you feel that you still learn new things after 8 years?

Obviously we are constantly learning. Not having attended a photography school, and working a lot on instinct, I feel like I am constantly discovering new things by just by trying them out or hanging out on forums. 



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