Success Story: How Meero is helping Bakeronline digitalize artisans shops

28 Oct 2020 Por Monica Linzmeier

© Bakeronline by Meero

The project at a glance: 

- 135 Photos per shop of the products, the store, the team, and the branding

- Shoots throughout Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands


Digitalizing local artisans with Bakeronline

If you live in Europe, you may have used Bakeronline’s services without ever knowing it. Bakeronline is a digital partner for bakeries, patisseries, chocolateries, and other specialty shops all around Europe, and soon worldwide. 

What do they do exactly? They help local artisans to step into the digital commerce era, by providing them a personalized webshop, website, application, and marketing support. 

One of the most important steps in preparing for the launch of these services is a professional photoshoot. Consumers buy with their eyes. So as you can imagine, the image of the product is key for an artisan’s webshop (if you don’t catch my drift, just watch the following gif for 10 seconds and see how hungry you get.) 

© Bakeronline by Meero


After years of operating in Belgium with a close-knit community of photographers, Bakeronline wanted to expand. However, it was easier said than done as Maxim Sergeant, Founder & CEO of Bakeronline explains. 

The moment we decided to take Bakeronline international, we faced a huge challenge -- building our network of photographers in Belgium took us years...To do that not only in one country but in many many more seemed kind of impossible.

-Maxim Sergeant, Founder & CEO of Bakeronline

They discussed two possible solutions, (1) shipping white box photo sets to their customers for them to take the photos themselves or (2) finding a partner that already had a network of photographers around the world. 

After a brief pilot where they realized their customers couldn’t manage the photography themselves, they sought out a partner that offered a tailored solution to their needs.  

“So about two years ago we started talking with Meero, and from the very beginning we had a great vibe, so it all began,” said Sergeant. 

Baking a plan to cross borders 

In order to create a full marketing package for their clients, Bakeronline would need more than one type of photo. To effectively market a proud local artisan online, you not only need product photos, but you also need to have beautiful images of the bakery itself, and the team behind the scenes: you need to create the full experience. 

That’s why Bakeronline and Meero worked together to create photographer guidelines that would ensure high-quality images both for their e-commerce photos, and their marketing materials. 


© Bakeronline by Meero

The package? 135 photos delivered per shop, with a mix of product photos on a white background, action shots of the team at work, and ambiance photos to highlight the shop itself from the inside and out. 

That's what we like the most, that we can really trust in Meero, in providing this crucial service to our customers.

-Maxim Sergeant, Founder & CEO of Bakeronline

All the photos are taken following Bakeronline’s guidelines and edited in-house by Meero, ensuring consistent quality, no matter where the shoot took place. 


Delivering consistency



Fast forward two years and the partnership is going strong with photoshoots all over Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Every time a partner photographer goes to a new shop, regardless of the country they are taking pictures in, they know what they need to capture, and they know how to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the shoot.  

It’s the consistency above all else. In all the countries that we’ve done shoots with Meero, we know what we can expect in terms of quality. And it's always there. 

-Maxim Sergeant, Founder & CEO of Bakeronline

So what’s next for Bakeronline? In the coming year, they are looking forward not only to increasing shoots, but to expanding outside of the European market and heading towards Latin America, the US, and Canada. 

“We want to help to digitalize all bakers, patissiers, and chocolatiers.” 

-Maxim Sergeant, Founder & CEO of Bakeronline

© Bakeronline by Meero

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