The New GoPro Fusion 360 Will Blow Your Mind

Last April, GoPro posted a video of Marshall Miller’s latest flight, a Wingsuit enthusiast who takes on all the challenges imaginable from the highest peaks in the world.

An Extreme Sport and  Visual Experience

This isn’t the first time that a wingsuit flight has been filmed and published on Youtube by GoPro, but this time differs from past videos, becauses it’s filmed with a brand new camera! The visual experience that this new model offers is quite amazing and gives a totally new perspective. The GoPro Fusion 360 VR is a camera capable of filming the entire scene around 360° of itself, keeping the handle that connects the filmer with the camera, visible. If you follow the video below closely, you can clearly see the handle, however, only visible in his shadow as he passes over the heavenly white snow capped mountains!

The camera is impressive, it's the equivalent of two assembled GoPro Hero. The two lenses available in the camera, one on each side, make it possible to capture absolutely everything that happens around it. If you look closely, you can even have the "little planet" effect. GoPro has always mastered the smooth transiton of its recorded clips. The stabilization on this camera is at a whole new level. The vibrations that we often encounter when we film ourselves in the exercise of an extreme sport completely disappear and the movements caused by the wind or even when Miller turns on the camera, remain smooth so as not to harm the proper viewing of the sequence.

There are two versions recorded show two different perspectives. The first is a 360° video in which your gaze is able to freely look at any part of the scene and decide which part of the panorama to look at meanwhile always having Miller’s body centered in the middle. In the second video, there are fewer freedoms, but perhaps more aesthetics. The spectator is this time led by the editor, the look is guided for a better demonstration of the scene. This new way of producing 360 ° videos is a real change in editing techniques and in the production of short films. 

After witnessing such a spectacular video filled with thrill and innovation, it’s difficult to say which of these accomplishments is most impressive, the sporty self-transcendence offered by the wingsuit or the technological achievement by GoPro in its latest revolutionary camera?

11 May 2018 by Alexandre Nessler

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