3,000 Photos Found of 1970's New York

In 1978, a widespread strike of newspapers prevented the photographers usually assigned from working. Having no comissions due, at least eight of them, including Neal Boenzi, D. Gorton, Eddie Hausner, Paul Hosefros, Bob Klein, Larry Morris, Gary Settle and Joyce Dopkeen, spent the summer exploring the parks of the 5 boroughs of New York with their cameras. Letting their creativity wander around the city, this team took more than 3,000 shots in just over a few weeks . This collection of images instantly became an exceptional document of what life was like at that time.

However, the photos have been lost for more than 40 years! Hidden in two boxes, the films were found by chance in a local, a few months ago by civil employees. In the manner of a time capsule, we find here a unique testimony of a time that many have not known and others have forgotten. While looking through these images, you can discover a little bit of everything. Cats on bicycles, swimsuits from the 1970s, pigs roasted on embers... We retain the authentic, unfiltered and unchanged dimension of these photographs that seem simply unreal. Proof, once again, that photographers are essential to the documentation of life. An exhibition including about sixty of these images will be organized near Central Park from May 3rd to June 14th. Here are a few!

Neal Boenzi pork in the park

Neal Boenzi


Gary Settle kids in the park

Gary Settle


Joyce Dopkeen garden party

Joyce Dopkeen


Paul Hosefros basketballl kid

Paul Hosefros


Gary Settle fountain fun

Gary Settle


Photographe non identifié


D. Gorton bench park

D. Gorton


Paul Hosefros kids at the beach

Paul Hosefros


Paul Hosefros New York 70'S

Paul Hosefros


Ed Hausner

Ed Hausner


Neal Boenzi beach girls

Neal Boenzi


Paul Hosefros beach pleasure

Paul Hosefros


04 May 2018 by Elias Khatal

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