Tony Futura: A Taste for Pop Culture

Immerse yourself in Tony Futura's colorful and offbeat universe.

A Berlin-based artist who enjoys creating surrealist parallels by diverting the icons of pop culture and flooding his Instagram account with explosive, colorful compositions that stimulate the eye. By using humor and irony to target the consumerist society, he attracts a whopping 182k followers

After spending his childhood doing graffiti, writing and painting thought-provoking messages that differentiated him from the other spray painters, he began digital art and the start of his Instagram empire. It seems that Tony made it a priority that with every picture, he tries to tell a story. Ironic, humorous, sexy, use your imagination.  


watermelon tony futura



Chicken tony futura

tony futura mc donalds

tony futura doughnut

american psycho tony futura

casio tony futura

tony futura leonardo dicaprio
You can follow Tony Futura on his Instagram account or on his Tumblr. 

09 Feb 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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