The 2019 HSBC Prize Winners!

From among a dozen finalists, the Executive Committee has chosen two: the Swiss photographer Dominique Teufen and the Portuguese Nuno Andrade. Here are the two photographers and their works in a nutshell.

Dominique Teufen

Born in 1975, Dominique Teufen has been doing visual arts work that serves as the basis for her photography. Trained as a sculptor, she uses her experience to produce images based on material installations. She conjures up astonishing, meticulously crafted tableaus and imaginary landscapes. Take, for example, the beautiful series Stars? Copied dust—My travel through the world on my copy machine. Using a photocopier, the artist generated views one might encounter at high altitudes. This is an illusion, since the images are constructed in their entirety by Teufen: we are caught in a trap elegantly set by the artist who blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, challenging our perception of things and of the world, and exploring the invention of forms and spaces.

My travel through the world on my copy machine © Dominique Teufen

Nuno Andrade

In his series Ginjal, Nuno Andrade documents the life of a cult restaurant located at the outskirts of Lisbon. This legendary venue welcomes a number of fascinating characters whom the photographer immortalizes with his lens. We see fragmentary bodies, hips swinging in a feverish dance, a fiery kiss exposed by the flash, a Scorpio tattoo on a woman’s leg… The series as a whole captures a hazy and unsettling celebration, which the artist has managed to transcribe in photographs taken in the heat of the moment. Like Anders Petersen in his stunning series Café Lehmitz, Nuno Andrade reveals an intoxicating atmosphere in which, for the duration of one ephemeral night, male and female bodies let loose and give in to their own combustion.

Ginjal © Nuno Andrade

22 Feb 2019 by Jean-baptiste Gauvin

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