Artist Shows Powerful Message Through Light Art In Central Park

Philippe Echaroux, a well known portrait photographer and artist from Marseille, has yet again shocked us with his artistic messages. He better known for his “Less than one minute celebrity portraits” and his famous Magazine cover shots. However, Philippe Echaroux first became known for his art presentations with “The Amazonian Rainforest” project just a year ago.

By the simple use of a projector and a variety of filters is all Philippe needs to begin the process of bringing his strangely awesome creations to life. Large format images have been already thrown up on walls all over his hometown of Marseilles and now Philippe has taken his work around the world with him too.

His latest project “A World First In New York” takes place in central park. As he describes, “Central Park is a perfect symbol of people trying to dominate the nature, here nature is contained in a rectangle, but who is surrounding who in the end?”

Philippe Echaroux Central Park Art

His message conveys the need to live with nature and realize the capacity we have to ensure the trees and life living around us are protected. Particularly when it comes to deforestation. Two years ago, Echaroux traveled to the Amazonian forest with the hope of raising awareness on the deforestation that’s happening there. He projected portraits of the local tribes on trees in Central Park, New York City. The goal was to convey the idea that cutting down a tree is similar to killing someone.

Philippe describes his style as Street Art 2.0 - a new way of creating something familiar.

“A World First In New York” by Philippe EcharouxPhilippe Echaroux New York City“A World First In New York” by Philippe EcharouxPhilippe Echaroux New York City“A World First In New York” by Philippe EcharouxPhilippe Echaroux Central Park NYCPhilippe Echaroux New York City ArtPhilippe Echaroux New York City ArtPhilippe Echaroux New York City ArtPhilippe Echaroux Central Park ArtPhilippe Echaroux New York City Art

13 Jun 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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