Canon Sells It's Last Film Camera Ever

The End of an Era

It’s the end of the an era in the world of photography. The Japanese giant, Canon, announced on May 30th that it will no longer sell the EOS-1V, the latest model of the brand that produced film photos. Even if the end has been near for several years already, and suffered a huge blow on the head since the advent of digital, we feel that this announcement proves an ending and that soon enough film photography will only be a memory.  

More Than 80 Years in the Market for Canon

This announcement provokes a nostalgic feeling towards the brand known worldwide since it first marketed cameras equipped with this technology, 8 years ago. Canon’s first camera of this type was Kwanon, a replica of the Leica that had been created 3 years earlier, even before the brand was named after it today. It was the first model of Japanese film camera ever made and the goal of its creator was to compete with major European brands including Leica. This was the case a few years later with the Canon Hansa, and S models, launched in 1938. The brand entered the digital age in 1995 but still continued to manufacture film cameras until 2010. Although, the commercialization of the EOS-1V has just stopped, it had already been stopped being manufactured since 2010. However, the brand has reassured its customers by stating that they will continue to support repairs of the 35mm SLR camera released in 2000.


Canon Kwanon 1930

The end, really?

The other Japanese photo giant, Nikon, is still selling analog cameras. For how much longer? No one knows. Even if film begins to disappear from the all the large brands, it’s quite hard to imagine film disappearing all together, forever. Digital has many advantages in terms of quality and storage of photos, but the charm of film photography and the taste of the some passionate for the process of creation related to this technology still suggest that there will be always a certain demand and that the production will never stop definitively.

canon eos-1V


canon eos-1V

01 Jun 2018 by Alexandre Nessler

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