Newspaper Distributes Camera Inside It's Front Page

A Newspaper Camera

The international newspaper, Metro had an original idea to promote its annual photo contest. The newspaper, distributed in more than 20 countries, has organized every year, since 2004, the Metro Photo Challenge, an international photo competition with specific themes for each edition. The print media wanted to increase the number of participants in its competition and demonstrate that it was open to everyone, even those who do not have a camera. 

Therefore, a large-scale communication operation was prepared! The preparation was surely complicated , but the result seems of a stupefying simplicity. In Brazil, one of the countries in which Metro is distributed, a special issue was printed with a cover page that turns the newspaper into a functional camera. If the ingenuity of the designers who built this special issue are capable of mutating it into a functioning realistic-looking camera, it should be celebrated. The most striking thing about this operation is the quality of the shots made with the paper devices. As the video shows at the end of the article, the pictures are as good as any other basic film camera! 


A Successful Communication Operation

Each year, Metro Photo Challenge participants have several months to register and submit their photos, then between September and November, the local and public votes commence. Six finalists for each participating country are selected and announced in early December. Of these six, three are the choice of the public and three the choice of a local jury. The finalists are determined at the Global Grand Final Photo Challenge Metro and the winners announced in mid-December.

Thanks to this highly thought-out communication operation in collaboration with Artplan, the number of participants has increased significantly and the organizers have thus proved the accessibility of this contest, which they say is "the largest and most democratic".

23 May 2018 by Alexandre Nessler

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