Discover How Sigrid Sohm's Photography Became Famous On Instagram

Thanks to the rise in social media, photographers like Sigrid Sohm, have made quite the name for themselves. Street photography has become a sharing phenomenon on platforms like Instagram, where the world can get a glimpse into the world they may not be able to travel, people can share their lifestyle and hobbies and most popularly, the art world has grown to a completely different level. Sohm, a French native, started her newly found passion and career through Instagram and it has completely transformed her life. She downloaded the application in early 2012 thinking it was an photo editing application. She soon realized the impact it was having and her inspiration became driven by other accounts she followed. She discovered the social network side, likes, hashtags, communities and spent hours on her couch discovering photos of unsuspected beautiful places! She has now crossed and visited the world dozens of times thanks to Instagram.

Five years later, she has posted more than 1000 photos and has gained a following of over 90,000. Instagram has opened her eyes and has caused her to always keep a look out to try and find an original angle or something that no one has ever seen. She likes to share her vision and considers herself a dreamer and she likes to believe that people perceive it through her photos. Sohm has also received work from large brands such as Absolut, Daniel Wellington, and more! 

As a street art enthusiast, her extremely popular photographs posted on her Instagram page consist mainly of the interesting architecture of staircases all around the world. However, she also posts the unbelievable architecture of buildings she finds along the way of her travels. Her photographs are fresh, colorful and detailed! See for yourselves! Also, feel free to follow her Instagram Account, she posts regularly! 

Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm 


Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm 



Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm Sigrid Sohm 

All photo credits : Sigrid Sohm 

18 Apr 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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