Camera Found Intact After 2 Years at Sea!

One of Serina's photos found on the camera 

In the Summer of 2015: The young Serina Tsubakihara was enjoying a well-deserved holiday with her classmates on the small Japanese island of Ishigaki, 250 miles off Okinawa. While she was scuba diving, she had her Canon G12 in which she protected with a  hermeticly sealed case (waterproof diving case) especially bought for the occasion. Only, after some time in the water, the Japanese student lost her camera. "I was scuba diving and I lost the camera when one of my friends ran out of air and needed my help," exclaimed Tsubakihara. 

Two years later, a group of Taiwanese school children taking part in a beach cleaning mission, discovered a strange box covered with seaweed corals and shells. Inside, there was a Canon G12.

​The waterproof case found covered in barnacles

​The interior of the waterproof case was intact

​The Camera found in perfect condition


Not a single drop of water penetrated the case. The device was intact, in perfect working order and still had a good part of its battery. The organizers of the beach operation quickly downloaded the photos and decided to look for the owner of the device. A post was published on Facebook with photos taken from the memory card. Very quickly, a friend of Serina’s falls on the post and recognized her friend in the photos. This is how the Japanese student was able to find her camera, after it spent two years in the China Sea and crossed more than 150 miles.


03 Apr 2018 by Elias Khatal

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