Nikon Is About to Change The Game....Literally

Thanks to Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), sports will forever be changed. MRMC is a company owned by Nikon, that is revolutionizing the way sports games will be filmed and broadcasted to audiences around the world. As our technology advances and the future of AI becomes more and more certain, companies like MRMC are putting out products to enhance the way we do and see sports. The PolyCam Player is a motorized camera system that uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to automatically follow an athlete. Meanwhile, keeping all action in the frame, therefore no longer needing a human camera operator.


Image Credit: Mark Roberts Motion Control

What sets Polycam Player apart from other automated systems in the industry is the fact that it imitates the movements of a human operator. Instead of having a multitude of wide angle cameras in order to capture the full play, the Polycam Player follows the player’s motions by panning and adjusting both zoom and focus while on the fly. The consistency of footage is so high, you can position the camera almost anywhere within a stadium and still capture the footage you wish. 

This innovative tool is expected to give a wider range of footage while also being a new coaching tool for watching game films and or auditing competitor's performance. 

Image Credit: Mark Roberts Motion Control

The software that controls the cameras is even smart enough to track more than one player at a time. Equipped with a simple control interface, the operator can productivly adjust the framing of the point in play to create the desired look all the while maintaining the subject in the frame at all times. Unifing a DSLR with a mixed broadcast camera production is made easy with a wide range of remote functions and adjustments including colour, white balance and other image setting parameters. The multiviewer function allows for up to 12 cameras to be remotely controlled from a single multiviewer interface. 

Image Credit: Mark Roberts Motion Control

Image Credit: Mark Roberts Motion Control

Image Credit: Mark Roberts Motion Control

30 Mar 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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