10 Talented Photographers to Follow in 2018

1 - Théo Gosselin

Théo Gosselin no longer goes unidentified. The popularity of the 27-year-old exploded in 2014 thanks to his blog and his Instagram account on which he posts photographs taken in the moment, good or bad, of his group of friends and his travels. Since then, he has been working in the Parisian advertising scene, including photo campaigns for The Kooples and Zadig and Voltaire. His shots capture the essence of road tripping through living compositions with nostalgic and bohemian vibes. Théo Gosselin also directed a film with his fellow photographers, ‘Goodbye Horses’, which takes the form of an artsy documentary about his trip to the USA.

théo gosselin théo gosselin théo gosselin théo gosselin

Image Credits: Théo Gosselin


2 - Felicia Simion

Felicia Simion is a 23-year-old Romanian artist and student in anthropology at the University of Bucharest. Her photographs capture the invisible of everyday life through moving portraits that blend nature and subtle light effects.

felicia simion​ felicia simion felicia simion FELICIA SIMION

​​Image Credits : Felicia Simion


3 - Sergey Melnitchenko

Sergey Melnitchenko is from Ukraine but lives in China where he photographs what he knows best, the night world. The 27-year-old was indeed a dancer for several years before turning to photography. His images are colorful, flashy and consist of neon colors that contrast with the dark atmosphere of Chinese clubs of transformation and striptease. He was just recently featured in the 2017 Paris Photo exhibit.


​Image Credits : Sergey Melnitchenko


4 - Agathe Monnot

Agathe Monnot is a Glasgow-based Frenchwoman who is passionate about her travels. She made a name for herself in 2014, thanks to a blog on which she posted images of her Scandinavian expedition in Norway. She is passionate about traveling in order to inspire her photography. Her photos of large spaces are a real breath of fresh air.

agathe monnot​ agathe monnot agathe monnot

​Image Credits : Agathe Monnot


5 - Vincent Desailly

Paris based, Vincent Desailly has multiple talents! He is the co-founder and former head editor and photo editor of Snatch Magazine. He is also both a documentary photographer and a fashion photographer. His has a recognizable paw that attracts success. Desailly has even photographed for large fashion brands such as Paco Rabanne, Veja, Puma and Chloe. His images represent a singular reality in a societal aspect.

vincent desailly photgrapher

vincent desailly portraits

portrait vincent desailly

Image Credits : Vincent Desailly


6 - Berta Vicente

At only 23 years old, Barcelona born Berta Vicente has become a genius of photography. She has already won 6 awards, including the Youth Award in the 2013 Sony World Photography contest. She regularly exhibits her touching portraits in Barcelona and New York, all the while studying multimedia at her university.

dark bath berta vincente​ blood bath berta vincente berta vincente naked girl

​Image Credits: Berta Vicente


7 - Maxime Ballesteros

French photographer who has been living in the German capital of berlin for the past 10 years, captures eclectic, out-of-body experiences within his photographs. His pictures underline the existence of subjective reality. The colors are saturated, the compositions extravagant and the result is crude, provocative and grandiose.

Photo de la paume d'une main qui est écrasée par un talon aiguille et qui saigne​ man smoking a cigarette maxime ballesteros satan wife ballesteros

​Image Credit: Maxime Ballesteros


8 - Diana Markosian

This young American/Armenian is passionate about photojournalism. Diana Markosian earned a degree in journalism from Columbia University in 2010 and today publishes her photographs in prestigious journals such as National Geographic and the New York Times. She was just recently awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 2017 and the Center for Cultural Innovation Award. Her photos explore the relationships between family ties, memory, space and time.  

diana markosian school girl​ Photo d'un vieil homme dans un paysage désertique qui se tient devant un miroir dans lequel il observe son reflet 


9 - Fabien Voileau

Fabien Voileau is a French, 32-year-old globe-trotting photographer. Photographing only with his father’s 1980 Canon AE 1, he has traveled to Australia, the Middle East, California and North Africa. His images illustrate the escape and surprise of discovery. Voileau has also commissioned for Jeep, Vice, Sandro and many more.

fabien voileau fabien voileau bath car fabien voileau fabien voileau mecqa

Image Credit  : Fabien Voileau


10 - Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty, is a bit like the Warhol of our century. This young photographer from Brooklyn produces humorous and colorful photos that denounce the overconsumption and exuberance of fashion through superabundant compositions. His close-ups of food associated with nature are almost like paintings.

chocolate bobby doherty   black and white shoes Bobby doherty chair tiger Bobby doherty shoe apple bobby doherty jayden smith portrait bobby doherty

​​Image Credit: Bobby Doherty


The images speak for themselves: follow these artists closely!


16 Mar 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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