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Baptiste Rabichon - The Hybridization of Genres

It takes some time to visually grasp the works of Baptiste Rabichon. His "photographs" are mysterious, which both amazes us and makes us questions his work. We are plunged into a parallel universe, a kind of fabulous country where everything is possible, even illogical. To understand them, we must therefore take the time to decipher them.

14 Nov 2018 by Coral Nieto garcia

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The 'Must-Follow' Photographers in 2019

Here are the top 10 Must-Follow photographers in 2019. These talented young artists from around the world have taken photography to a new level, creating parallel universes, making us question society, and manipulating the camera in ways we've never seen before...

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Kira Vygrivach: visual illusions, reclaiming reality

Young photographer and filmmaker Kira Vygrivach is carrying out a survey about a sensitive knowledge of the world, where logical deduction of the things we observe has no place. In this respect, she explores the stylistic and conceptual characteristics of the experimental documentary genre - seen as much in her filmmaking as in her photography.

10 Jan 2019 by Coral Nieto garcia