Meero Foundation gives early support to online publication FOTODEMIC

The startup’s patronage initiative in support of creative arts commits to ensure the launch of FOTODEMIC, a response to the crisis created by graduates of the International Center of Photography in New York.

New York, June 3, 2020 - Meero is proud to announce that the first initiative of The Meero Foundation  is its early support to FOTODEMIC, an online publication established in response to the coronavirus pandemic that has profoundly altered normal life on a global scale. Created by Fred Ritchin and a group of graduates from the International Center of Photography in New York and based around the world, FOTODEMIC embraces the humanism that has been emerging worldwide, as well as more resonant visions of what our post-pandemic future should be. FOTODEMIC sets out to ask questions as to what this future should be and how can we get to that better there, with lots of insights, reflections, ideas, and as a platform that gives people hope—in the beauty of the world, in the complexity of thought, in the human potential for generosity and warmth, no matter where one is in the world.

Photo © Federico Pestilli

The Meero Foundation finances and supports photographic projects selected according to the impact and social change they can bring via a combination of visual storytelling and emerging technologies. It is part of Meero’s overall mission of supporting, educating and bringing together a global community of image professionals.

“It is the mission of Meero Foundation to provide support to all photographers in the practice of their craft or to develop their projects. Be it through initiatives that can help them find inspiration, better protect their work, get it seen, or get prepared for the evolutions of photography today”, says Maxime Riché, VP Photography at Meero and Board member of the Meero Foundation. 

FOTODEMIC gathers a number of stories, essays and visual projects that reflect on our changing times. By exploring different visual strategies, their aim is to raise questions about present-day events, reflect on an uncertain future, and bring us closer in a time of isolation. It therefore is in full line with Meero Foundation’s vision and approach.

Meero is committed to cover all costs of FOTODEMIC’s launch and finance a selection of microgrants specifically aimed at European photographers and artists who will be chosen by FOTODEMIC  and attributed to projects they wish to support.

Photo © Ilias Georgiadis

FOTODEMIC is excited to be the first organization to receive funding from the Meero Foundation”, says FOTODEMIC. “We look forward to working together to support artists during these difficult times and provide a space to share visual stories and ideas”.

“We are super happy to support FOTODEMIC”. Says Thomas Rebaud, Meero’s CEO. “It embodies a vibrant vision of the world as it should be, and that we are proud to promote. It is our responsibility, as a company, and the aim of the Foundation, to help this kind of projects to emerge”.

About Meero Foundation:
Technical evolutions have always transformed our practices and modified our perception of the world. The evolution to the digital image - along with new ways of expression, communication or socialization - creates new challenges for image makers.

Instant, connected, multiplied, images are now shared in all places and circumstances. But are we still able to appreciate them, or let them have enough impact? Visual artists have always confronted the contemporary challenges that we face, from the conservation of our natural environment, to the fight against poverty and discrimination, to the necessity of access to health care and education, as well as  ways to reinforce the solidarity among people. In the “Age of the Image”, we believe that there is still much more that imagery can do to help make the world a better place.

The Meero Foundation proposes to give back to photographers, whether professionals or amateurs. It aims to give them expertise and awareness for a better impact of their images, and to stand out in our current visual culture. We thus hope to become a trusted partner for photographers who wish to look for additional meaning in their artistic purpose, and ultimately define the role they want to play as visual storytellers.

Through our innovation-driven program, we encourage the recipients of the Meero Foundation’s actions to help define the creative processes of tomorrow and to tell impactful stories to maximize positive social change. True to our values, we further envision the Meero Foundation as a hub for expression, diversity, solidarity, the sharing of human values, and as a perpetual visual laboratory.

About Meero :
Created in 2016, Meero’s mission is to contribute to the world of photography by giving photographers the possibility to dedicate themselves entirely to their passion. From generating additional revenue to client prospecting, invoicing and payments to post-production and delivery, Meero facilitates activity for creatives while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks that can slow down their daily activities.

Meero is the go-to solution for both creative business management tools and inspiring educational content. With Meero, photographers have access to not only a wide range of accounting, CRM systems, and marketing tools but also a growing list of masterclasses, technical tutorials, inspiring documentaries, photographer meet-ups across 35 countries,  a bi-lingual magazine and a foundation to support photography.

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