Meero celebrates its Bangalore office's first year anniversary

The French startup that raised 230M$ opened its Indian offices in May 2019 to foster its expansion in Asia-Pacific and internationally.

Bangalore, May 20, 2020 - One year ago, Meero, the international start-up with a mission to allow photographers to devote themselves fully to their passion, opened it’s brand new offices in Bangalore, becoming the focal point for Meero’s activities in Asia-Pacific. In India, like in the rest of the world, Meero’s fast photo delivery combined with its large community of partner photographers has enabled the company to offer a quality visual content solution  and strengthen its relationships with its Indian customers.

Directed by Sumit Jasoria, 80+ employees now work in Meero’s offices in India and recruitment continues. Sumit Jasoria has over 10 years experience in South Asian emerging markets. Previously Regional MD of Daraz e-Commerce Venture of Rocket Internet in Asia, he is guiding Meero in its development in Asia-Pacific, a high-growth digital ecosystem.

"My biggest achievement was to empower members of my team to step up and take greater responsibilities,” says Sumit Jasoria. “I am a big believer in transparency and in giving my collaborators enough leeway to fully own their projects. In little less than a year, the team has grown from 10 collaborators to 80+ full-time employees, but more importantly, I have seen a lot of personal growth and individual progress."

In less than two years, Meero has opened offices in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore and Barcelona. Over the summer of 2019, the company raised 230 million dollars in order to continue its mission to encourage the creativity and freedom of photographers around the world. To this end, in 2020, a series of projects have successively been launched:

-The MyMeero platform offers masterclasses, documentaries, and the opportunity to meet other photographers

-The visual transfer tool Meerodrop

-Blind Magazine, available in multiple languages, 

-The Meero Foundation created in order to support photography

Finally, these funds allow the company to improve its automatic photo editing and content enrichment technology.

Today, despite the ongoing crisis now affecting the world, Meero and its Indian team remain confident. “The challenges of the post-covid-19 world will be immense. It will be about mindset: having to adapt to a new normal. We will have to put new solutions in place, such as contactless shoots, and invent new ways of doing our jobs,” said Sumit Jasoria.  “In the midst of the crisis, technology has and will continue to play a huge role. In the long run, using innovative technologies to enhance our logistics will make Meero stronger in the region.”

Read the full interview with Sumit Jasoria here: ”Building an Indian office with a Paris culture: a look back at our first year in Bangalore!"

About Meero:

Created in 2016, Meero’s mission is to contribute to the world of photography by giving photographers the possibility to dedicate themselves entirely to their passion. From generating additional revenue to client prospecting, invoicing and payments to post-production and delivery, Meero facilitates activity for creatives while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks that can slow down their daily activities.

Meero is the go-to solution for both creative business management tools and inspiring educational content. With Meero, photographers have access to not only a wide range of accounting, CRM systems, and marketing tools but also a growing list of masterclasses, technical tutorials, inspiring documentaries, photographer meet-ups across 35 countries,  a bi-lingual magazine and a foundation to support photography.

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