Meero's promises

Today, in light of the results of the major global survey we conducted among 5,000+ photographers in November 2019 we are delivering on the commitments we made with a series of initiatives:

- With the launch of myMeero in January, we’ve provided a suite of tools that simplifies the management of photographers' activity in addition to a host of educational content and a space for exchange between professionals.

- Meero supports photographic creation via its online magazine, Blind, by remunerating any creator whose portfolio is featured on the site, a practice that is becoming rarer and rarer in the media.

- We have recently launched MeeroDrop, a simple and collaborative tool for sharing large visuals, allowing creatives to preview the files they send and download the ones they want. It is also possible to remove files at any moment, to add new ones, and to like or comment on them.

- The Meero Foundation will soon be launching a call for applications (before the summer). It will fund and accompany photographic projects selected on the basis of the impact and social change they can bring about through a combination of visual storytelling and new technologies.

- Through these projects, Meero is dedicating €4M to support the visual arts.

- Meero is also currently working on new contracts for France that will include author copyright.

- We are continuing to pursue the discussions initiated with various professional organizations we’ve met over the last few months and are participating in meetings that bring together all the industry players to decide on which steps to take together.

All these actions are a part of a worldwide effort to support, educate and bring together a global community of image professionals.

To help us move forward in this regard, please don't hesitate to send us your comments, opinions, and suggestions HERE.

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