Meero’s North America GM to speak at Moving Forward Tech Conference

How does innovation help a company grow? What’s the social impact of AI? How does Meero use AI as a superpower? As North America General Manager at Meero, a company dedicated to empowering photographers to follow their passion, Julien Zakoian will be answering these questions during the “Delivering social impact through AI” panel at Moving Forward conference in New York on May 30th.

Meero sets photographers up with leading brands and superpowered AI technology to make producing beautiful images as quick as a flash. Thanks to their own unique algorithms, the start-up can handle every stage of the photography process, from production and automated editing, to delivery and storage of the visuals, in record time. The idea is to empower freelancers to do more of what they love by giving them effective tools to simplify their work, as well as opportunities to generate extra revenue.

With over 10 years’ experience in the Digital, eCommerce and Tech industries, Julien has outstanding experience of high-scale luxury photo/video production strategies. While speaking at Moving Forward NY, a conference celebrating innovation and bringing together executives, tech founders, startups, creatives, and industry leaders, Julien Zakoian will explain how Meero uses AI technologies to automate editing large volumes of images at lightning speed, and how it has gathered a 58,000 photographer community working with 31,000 clients in 100+ countries.

The conference, which will cover the most important tech, business and cultural trends of our time, will allow Meero to claim its position in the US where it has already hired 100+ staff members. Ever growing exponentially, Meero has opened 4 more offices in Shanghai, Bangalore, Tokyo and Sydney since its creation in 2016. 


About Meero

Founded in 2016, Meero aims to revolutionize the world of photography by allowing photographers to dedicate themselves to their passion. From providing revenues and market research to invoicing, post-production, and delivery, Meero takes care of all the laborious, time-consuming tasks which plague the industry.

Meero also solves a major problem in the world of photography: photo editing. Normally 60 minutes of actual shooting will take up to 4 hours of extra post-production work. The cutting-edge content enrichment technologies the company is currently developing can reduce this time to a few seconds, solving the problems of long delivery times, inconsistent photo rendering and unfair prices.

Meero further gives artists the chance to work with major brands and take advantage of a whole range of solutions that simplify their work and make the production of beautiful images far easier.

These innovations allows big brands to access tailor-made photo and video content from anywhere in the world. Meero manages the photoshoot process from beginning to end, guaranteeing unbeatable prices, delivery times of less than 24 hours and a regular, professional photo quality. 

Today Meero is:

- The world leader in Artificial Intelligence photo editing

- The first on-demand photograph platform in the world.

- The provider to 31,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

- A network of 58,000 photographers across the globe.

- The employer of 540 workers of 37 different nationalities

- Delivering a photoshoot to a client every 25 seconds.

- Based in 6 offices around the world: Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore and Sydney

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