Meero opens a new office in Sydney

Paris, 6th march 2019 - In another step along the path of revolutionising the world of photography, Meero has set off for the other side of the globe opening a new office in Sydney. Following recent openings in the United States (New York) and Asia (Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore), the startup has now arrived in Australia.

These new locations indicate the exponential growth of Meero, which has hired more than 450 employees and opened 5 offices around the world in 3 years. The startup expects to reach 1000 employees by the end of 2019, including 400 in its international offices. In fact, the American, Asian and Australian branches are looking to recruit new employees non-stop.

Meero’s setting up in Australia is a chance for the company to target a new market and increase its portfolio, which is already made up of 31,000 clients internationally. With 25 million potential consumers in Australia, the startup hopes to make itself the new key figure in AI and photography in Oceania.

“With the opening of this new office in Australia, Meero will be able to get closer to its partners already working in the country,” says Thomas Rebaud, CEO and co-founder of Meero, “it’s also a chance to establish an even larger network of opportunities."


About Meero

Created in 2016, Meero responds to a major problem in the photography world: image editing. 60 minutes of actual shooting requires up to 4 hours of additional post production work. Result: long delivery times, inconsistent returns, often disparate prices.

Combining world-unique artificial intelligence technology, unprecedented work processes, and the development of a visual content management platform, Meero has managed to develop a world-wide photo and video service at unbeatable prices, delivery times of under 24 hours and consistent quality. 

Today, Meero is:

-  The leader of artificial intelligence dedicated to image processing

-  The first on-demand photography platform in the world

-  31,000 clients in over 100 countries

-  450 employees from 34 different nationalities

-  1 shoot delivered every 30 seconds

- 6 offices all around the world: Paris, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangalore et Sydney


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Hi Splento, We received your letter, thank you! It’s always nice to get mail, especially when it’s from another big player in the photography world, especially one who we greatly respect.

11 Feb 2019 by Adeline Anfray

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