Meero is opening new offices in India

14th February 2019, Paris - In January 2019, Meero, the world leader of photo and video production on a large scale, announced opening offices in Toyko. And now it’s Bangalore that the start-up is officially moving to. Still with the view of international expansion and increased recruitment, more than 250 positions are now available in these new offices.

With this new branch, Meero, which already has nearly 450 employees, will further expand its workforce and strengthen its position as a high-growth startup. In fact, Meero plans to reach 1,000 employees by the end of 2019, including 400 in its various offices abroad.

By moving to India, a country with nearly 1.3 billion consumers, Meero is determined to establish itself as the essential photo partner and expand its community of photographers and video makers that already has more than 50,000 members around the world. It is also an opportunity for it to consolidate its relationship with its employees and partners over there in a more direct way.


"The opening of our offices in India is part of Meero's globalisation which, after New York and Tokyo, is moving into the whole world," says Thomas Rebaud, CEO. "It also makes it possible to reach a large market. Also, this initiative expresses our desire to export our content enhancement technology worldwide.”


About Meero

Created in 2016, Meero responds to a major problem in the photography world: image editing. 60 minutes of actual shooting requires up to 4 hours of additional post production work. Result: long delivery times, inconsistent returns, often disparate prices.


Combining world-unique artificial intelligence technology, unprecedented work processes, and the development of a visual content management platform, Meero has managed to develop a world-wide photo and video service at unbeatable prices, delivery times of under 24 hours and consistent quality.


Today, Meero is:

-  The leader of artificial intelligence dedicated to image processing

-  The first on-demand photography platform in the world

-  31,000 clients in over 100 countries

-  450 employees from 27 different nationalities

-  1 shoot delivered every 30 seconds


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