Letter to Splento

Hi Splento,

We received your letter, thank you! It’s always nice to get mail, especially when it’s from another big player in the photography world, especially one who we greatly respect. The fact that our is work being recognised by one of our competitors, whose quality of service is widely acknowledged, is truly touching. It’s always a good idea to share your vision and to interact with your competitors, this can only help us move forward.

We are pleased to learn that, through AI technology, you are exploring other possibilities to evolve Splento, and thereby the entire industry. If we have chosen to invest heavily in research and development, it is because we firmly believe that the future of our business is linked to technology. The algorithms we develop make it possible to automate a whole laborious and expensive part of image processing and through it answer a problem that tends to plague the profession.

Your questions and your voice are legitimate: since their creation, machines have been designed to help humans, although their presence seems unstoppable, interfering more and more in human activity. The digital age offers a new paradigm for society, where AI allows for many scientific and technological advances while raising huge questions.

And you are right: human qualities are indispensable. We also think that the photographer's eye, their talent and know-how are irreplaceable. That's why we only see AI as an additional helped, to take on the most laborious, time-consuming and tedious tasks of post-production in order to let photographers focus on the primary role: taking photos.

In our opinion, this is an incredible opportunity for photographers to focus more on the creative side of their job and reduce the tension due to technical details, photo selection and retouching. But images that require a professional eye to convey creativity or empathy will always need a human photographer no matter how much the machines help them in the process.

Rather than replace the irreplaceable, our goal is to offer a new opportunity to come to terms with "AI helpers" whose vocation is to facilitate the work of photographers, but not to replace the irreplaceable.

We hope to continue to transform the world's photographic landscape together, which has endless possibilities.


See you soon,




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