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Meero’s mission is to empower every photographer around the world and help them grow - professionally and technically - by offering services, projects and training, tailored to their needs.

We work every day to improve photographers’ lives and are committed to working hand-in-hand with our international community, but also photographers’ unions, all around the world so that your rights are always protected.

Our first step in this mission was to give our community access to renowned clients such as Airbnb, Compass, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Accor, LVMH and many more. This was only possible due to your fantastic talent and cooperation from Day 1.

We work with legal advisors in several countries to guarantee a fair hourly rate per vertical in the industry and come up with new photographers' contracts in order to include, where possible, copyrights and how to handle them.

This takes time and we need to make our clients aware of the industry specificities.

Also, listening to and understanding your pain points made us explore a new solution to improve your day to day job, growing your business and promoting it easily, all in one place. This new product is made by photographers for photographers and is another step towards our global mission.

We truly believe unity is strength and so working altogether will definitely change the game in the industry.

Our worldwide offices are open to you, as photographers, so we can listen and understand your needs, your concerns, but also so you can connect and learn from each other within the community, making for a better photography world one image at a time.


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