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Driven by the desire to make the Internet more beautiful, Thomas Rebaud was not even 30 years old when he co-founded Meero in 2016. The concept is simple: provide Insta-worthy professional photo and video resolutions. 30 months later and three rounds of fundraising totalling $63M, today the start-up employs more than 200 people. 


The story begins in 2007, when Thomas joined EMLYON Business School to do a Masters in Market Finance. Still a student, he became president of the Junior branch of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, a cooperation present in fifteen countries whose aim is to develop entrepreneurship as a vector of growth and employment in the world. Through this, Thomas developed a solid knowledge of good business practices.


In 2013, with a second Masters under his belt, he set up his first Internet-free loan comparison company, which worked well but didn't take off. So he took up an opportunity with Diji, a new kind of IT consultancy and engineering company. And that was it. That was the moment he met Guillaume Lestrade, a former real estate and seasoned amateur photographer. Understanding that the professional photography market is just waiting to be remoulded, Thomas and Guillaume joined forces to create Meero.


Meero has since become a world leader in large-scale photo and video production, present in over 100 countries with clients such as Uber, Just Eat, Accor, LVMH…In July 2018, Thomas announced that the last $45M raised by the company would allow for the creation of the largest AI centre dedicated to image processing in Europe and the upcoming opening of new offices in the United States and Asia. 


Where's Meero today?

  • The leader of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to image processing
  • The world’s first on-demand photography platform 
  • 40,000 customers in over 100 countries 
  • 200+ employees with 27 different nationalities 
  • 1 photoshoot delivered worldwide every 30 seconds 


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