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Thomas Rebaud launched Meero at the age of 28 in 2016. He was driven by the idea to improve the lives of artists by allowing them to fully devote themselves to their passions of art and creation.

The story began in 2007, when Rebaud entered the EMLyon Business School. While still a student, he was the president of the Junior branch of the World Entrepreneurship Forum- an association with a global presence in 15 countries that aims to develop entrepreneurship as a vector of growth and employment. There, Thomas gained good knowledge on practices of entrepreneurship. In 2013, upon completion of his Master’s degree, Rebaud set up the first zero rate comparator company, that although was good in its core, was not able to take off.  He tried his luck once again by finding Diji- a different kind of consulting and engineering firm. This time, the company became a success. The daily activities at Diji lead him to the discovery of a professional photography market that offered endless possibilities. At the time, Rebaud seized the opportunity and co-founded Meero.

Today Meero is:

- The first on-demand photograph platform in the world

- A suite of tools dedicated to the management of photographers' activity, a series of masterclasses, a magazine in 4 different languages, inspiring documentaries, a community of passionate creatives, and a foundation to support photography worldwide

- The world leader in Artificial Intelligence photo Editing

- The provider to 31,000 clients in more than 100 countries

- A network of 58,000 photographers across the globe

- The employer of 600 workers of 49 different nationalities

- Delivering a photoshoot to a client every 25 seconds

- Based in 5 offices around the world: Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Bangalore


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