Meero launches its new e-commerce offer from its Spanish Fashion HUB

 Meero, the French scale-up revolutionizing photography, has launched a new e-commerce offer for its ready-to-wear fashion clients in Europe. Launched in January 2020, the company’s Spanish fashion hub is located in Barcelona, where they create high-quality visuals for an attractive price, delivered in only five days.

For its new e-commerce offer, Meero provides an all-in one solution to produce all kinds of fashion visual content to meet the demands of its customers: porté, packshot, lookbook, ghost, piqué, flatlay, and videos. Thanks to this turn-key solution, the company has helped European fashion brands optimize their costs for visual content by 27%, all without compromising quality and time-to-online.

Meero oversees photo production, from A to Z and works with its international network of more than 115,000 talented partners (photographers, stylists, models, hair, and make-up artists) selected by its teams. Having developed partnerships with a network of studios around Europe, Meero can organize shoots in stores or in production factories, showrooms, and in-house studios of the brands it works for. For each project, a team of partners is set up and coordinated by Meero experts. Photos are then automatically edited using Meero’s proprietary AI algorithms. 

Meero, which has raised $300 million since its creation, is now operating on four continents, and has already produced more than 10 million photos. After extending its activities to the United States and Asia-Pacific, the company opened new offices in Barcelona in January 2020, where it has its own studio. Today Meero counts brands such as Lacoste, La Redoute, Veepee, Clarins, and Sotheby's among its clients.

About Meero:
Created in 2016, Meero’s mission is to contribute to the world of photography by giving photographers the possibility to dedicate themselves entirely to their passion. From generating additional revenue to client prospecting, invoicing and payments to post-production and delivery, Meero facilitates activity for creatives while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks that can slow down their daily activities.

Meero is the go-to solution for both creative business management tools and inspiring educational content. With Meero, photographers have access to not only a wide range of accounting, CRM systems, and marketing tools but also a growing list of masterclasses, technical tutorials, inspiring documentaries, photographer meet-ups across 35 countries,  a bi-lingual magazine and a foundation to support photography.

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