Portraits Made Up Entirely of Words

Published on 06/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : art

Phil Vance has transformed portraiture into a deeper art. To form the contours, shadows, and details of each word portrait, Vance writes inspiring quotes from each subject thousands of times in different sizes and layers. See it for yourself!

Secret Undeveloped Film Found In Russian Attic

Published on 05/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

Photography works by Masha Invashintsova, which was found in her daughters attic after she passed away dating back to more than 70 years ago. Masha kept them secret and undeveloped for so many years. She also had everything documented in diaries!

The Vinyl Cover Hunt

Published on 05/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : photography

Alex Bartsch, a photographer and music enthusiast specifically when it comes to reggae vinyls, went out on a hunt around London, to recapture the covers of his vinyl albums. With pictures taken over 30-40 years ago, the outcome is interesting! Take a look for yourself!

Photographer Shows Us The Differences In Identical Twins

Published on 04/04/2018 - Author : Elias Khatal - Category : photography

The fascination our society has with twins is ever going. We have yet to figure out the unique relationship between identical twins. We all even dream of having that connection with a sibling or someone at times. Here, a photographer has tried to grasp and represent the relationship, similarities and also differences between these inseparable siblings.

Love Without Air Is Strange

Published on 04/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : art

Art is becoming more and more deranged and diverse. As our planets artists try to find their own originality they resort to new types of photography. Take Japanese artist for example. He takes strange to a dangerous level. Find out for yourself.

An Unusual Way of Printing...Using Nature

Published on 03/04/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : art

Artists and photographers have started to find more and more way to portray their art in new and unique ways. These artists decided to use leaves from their backyard in order to present their artistry. An incredible idea with a lasting impression.