The New GoPro Fusion 360 Will Blow Your Mind

Published on 11/05/2018 - Author : Alexandre Nessler - Category : video

Last April, Marshall Miller ventures in the sky with his WingSuit for a dizzying descent at high speed. Except that this time the it was filmed with the new GoPro Fusion 360 VR, for a rendering that leaves you with your mouth wide open and completely disrupts extreme sporting videos as we knew them.

NASA Releases New Impressive Footage of the Moon In 4K

Published on 19/04/2018 - Author : Lisa Scarpa - Category : video

NASA stuns us once again. They have released yet another insane video of a part of our universe that we find ever so mysterious. Slowly but surely, with the advancement in technology, we will find out more about the perplexity that lies beyond us.