Meero, THE Place To Work According to Forbes

As one of the top ten fastest growing European companies in the last 10 years, Meero has yet again made it to a top 10 list. Forbes has just recently published the Top 20 Best Startups to Apply for This Summer. Meero is part of this list of companies with high potential and high recruitment needs in which the magazine recommends. 

Thomas Rebaud and Guillaume Lestrade created Meero in 2016 to be the first to indemnify in the absence of a global actor of photography and videography. 2 years later, Meero proudly finds itself as the worldwide leader in responding to marketplaces' visual needs. They have succeeded in materializing image editing to define what is beautiful and what is not and to ultimately retouch in seconds what takes a human, hours. With 40,000+ photographers in over 100 countries and 30,000+ clients, including big players like Deliveroo and Airbnb, Meero delivers photos, videos and 360 tours in just 24 hours. 

The ability to produce high quantity with high quality at a reduced price, requires time and focus, which in turn are critical factors in most success; digitalization enables companies like Meero to take innovation to its highest level utilising AI technology. Developing cutting-edge processes and technologies in automating the production of photographs and videos, to deliver a photoshoot every 30 seconds somewhere in the world. No matter the location nor the volume, Meero’s computer vision and machine learning algorithms are in place in order to help companies sell more with inspiring realistic photographs.

As the new world stays highly focused in technology, Meero plans on building one of the largest image focused AI centers in Paris meanwhile expanding operations globally. With these advanced centers, we are able to constantly update, innovate and develop our machine intelligence. With all this tech and business talk, since its international growth and a first round of $18 million, Meero is experiencing an unprecedented development in recruitment. In just 5 months, the number of Meero employees has grown from 60 to more than 180, including 27 different nationalities! Not to mention the young and dynamic atmosphere, a cosmopolitan side that has its charm, all in the heart of Paris.

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