Google Clips Ends Up As Huge Fail

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Founded September 4, 1998, Google is known to be one of the greatest companies in the world. We all know what Google does, but let's just praise them on the hard work they’ve accomplished. Google Search, Google Maps, Google Glass, Charities, Start-up standards, all services virtually free, and so much more!

Recently, Google has introduced its latest product. Google Clips. Using AI technology, this new camera can capture all of the moments you could possibly imagine, or so thats what they say. This new camera is basically a small compact and colorfully designed camera that takes 7 second videos, films lengthy videos and or makes gifs. Google Clips, is just a tad bit smaller than a GoPro sized camera. You can carry it and put it into any pocket to bring it anywhere with you. It can easily be attached onto anything to film more precise or farther shots.

Google Clips Ad: 

Video Credit: MadeByGoogle Youtube Channel

Video Credit: MadeByGoogle Youtube Channel

The AI is built to determine when it’s a good time to take a “7 second” photo or film a video! It also has the intelligence to know who your loved ones are or your favorite pet, and therefore takes pictures of them as soon as they're detected. All photos are saved onto Google Photos Library and kept private. From there you are able to retrieve your photos and videos, to choose whether you’d like to keep them or not.

An example of the editing features: 


Sounds like an interesting idea, however, the reviews have not been in their favor.

Even Elon Musk is skeptical….

Most of the skepticism comes from the anti-AI community. Some think that moving from always-on ears (Amazon's Alexa, Google Home) to always-on cameras, are an intrusion into our homes and in 2018, it doesn’t seem to be necessary. But that’s not the only negative feedback that Google has been getting hit with.

Apparently, the clip doesn’t have a microphone, so unfortunately the video option is pointless. The videos it’s taking will have no sound. If you are singing happy birthday while your 1 year old dumps his face into the cake, it will be a quiet memory to look back on. It has also been said that it randomly takes pictures of empty rooms. The quality is also quite limited. Small and minor details, but that don’t make the price or hassel worth it.

A human can take better pictures and if everyone wants to be in the picture, you just set a timer. It’s much more simple, picture quality guaranteed and the angle is the way you want. They have set the price at $249. An unforgiving price for the quality and ability of the product. Maybe one day, Google will review this product, lower the price and improve its intelligence!

19 Mar 2018 by Lisa Scarpa

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