Success Story: Showing the spirit of workspaces through videos and photo with Knotel

© Knotel by Meero

The project at a glance: 

- Events, Interviews, Panels, and workspace videos 

- Photoshoots including lifestyle photos, medium shots, workspace photos 

- Matched photographers and videographers from global network for Knotel shoots in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, São Paulo, New Delhi, and Amsterdam 

Knotel, the world’s leading flexible workspace platform

Heads of real estate and other workspace strategy executives breathed a sigh of relief the day Knotel opened their doors in 2016. This flexible workspace platform has become the one-stop-shop for companies looking for versatile office space tailored to their brand DNA. Knotel is a workspace platform that believes a company should have the freedom to flex and grow without being bound by its real estate.  

Knotel moves much quicker than traditional commercial real estate processes, from building out to moving in, all in order to meet their client’s needs thanks to their team of interior designers, workplace strategists, and architects. 

With all of their beautiful transformations and breakneck growth, Knotel’s communication needs were growing by the day. So they began looking for a video and photo partner able to take on the production of their high-quality content.  

Video is particularly important for what we do because we’re selling tailored and branded workspaces, so the ability to show that in the flesh is particularly important to us. Photos and videos are the two most effective, visual ways that we can do that.

-Mousa Ackall Director of Marketing at Knotel

Video shot by Meero for Holler’s Knotel Designed Workspace


In August 2019, Meero began shooting videos reflecting the full range of activities and events at the heart of Knotel’s mission, from the transformations of workspaces to special occasions, panel discussions, and interviews. 

These videos shot and edited by Meero partners communicate the look and feel of the events while capturing the reality of the workspaces which are then shared on the Knotel resource center and YouTube channel.  

The idea was to be able to produce a high volume of videos, quickly, that they could “circulate, distribute, measure, and use to further refine our marketing and figure out if it was working. And it did work.

-Mousa Ackall Director of Marketing at Knotel

Less than three months later, Knotel turned to Meero for their photos as well. 


Knotel offices by Meero

© Knotel by Meero



In the six months following the beginning of the project, Meero has shot videos and photos around the world. Videos can cover anything from panel events to on-site interviews to capturing b-roll to interior design scrolls, and photos typically follow the opening of a new office, to try to capture the new workspace. 

Video shot by Meero for the Women in PropTech event

To optimize viewership, the videos and photos are posted on the Knotel website, social media, and in their weekly newsletter for their 30k subscribers.  Knotel's open rates and email engagement spiked significantly once they started including more videos in their email marketing and newsletter.


Knotel meero

© Knotel by Meero

I highly recommend Meero for any company looking to upgrade their video content efforts, not only is it an incredible value but also they have great customer service.

-Mousa Ackall Director of Marketing at Knotel

The partnership faced new challenges with the COVID 19 pandemic. Meero and Knotel found a way to create new content even without being able to shoot in the workspaces, by reusing old footage from both meero and Knotel’s archives, Meero has been able to edit and produce new videos to keep Knotel’s content production up. 

While many videos have been shot in the greater New York area, Meero has scouted photo and video projects for Knotel all across the globe and Knotel is looking forward to more future collaborations as they look to shoot in more forms and experiment.

Knotel Meero

© Knotel by Meero

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