2020 Forecast: 3 Short-Term Rental and Travel Visual Trends

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Feb 10, 2020 by Monica Linzmeier

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Our photo-quality team has analyzed thousands of photos in order to see what trends are emerging around the world. They compared short term rental and travel photography over the past three years here at Meero, and in the industry at large and they have found three major trends emerging for 2020. 

Here’s what can you expect in 2020 for short term rentals and travel visuals 

1. Photos will include people more and more frequently 

2. Photos and videos will have to be higher quality

3. New techniques will take the forefront 

1. Photography in 2020 will include people more often

This is one of the most striking changes we have noticed in Short Term Rental/Hotel photography. For years we’ve seen a focus on the venue, on the amenities, on the detail shots. But in 2020, people are looking for authentic experiences. 

Photos of the host, the people running the establishment, and situational-type photography allows people to imagine themselves in the setting better than standard venue images and we expect to see an increase in these types of photos. 

Meero Hotel Staff Photo

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In 2019, there was a focus on the amenities provided. This year, we are going to see more and more focus on the people running the establishment or the experience itself. This applies to home swaps, travel experiences, and even spaces like co-living and co-working, which are on the rise.

-Solene Cochet, Photo Quality Manager at Meero 

2. People will have higher image quality expectations

Plain and simple, in 2020, image quality is going to skyrocket. In reviewing thousands of photos over the past three years, we have noticed an ever-increasing quality level of content. 

This can be explained by two major factors. Factors that have been building up over the past decade. The first is improved technology for both photographers and consumers. Photographic equipment and techniques continue to improve year on year, and even consumer products are improving at astounding speeds. When consumers can take great photos with their smartphones, it’s natural that they are going to expect even better quality for commercial photography. Add in their increasingly detailed computer and phone screens and you have a public that has sky-high expectations. 

Hotel Photography

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The second reason is the increase in competition for travel lodging. In 2020, there will continue to be steep competition for the attention span of potential clients. With ever-increasing options with sites like Airbnb, LoveHomeSwap, and others, photos and videos are going to be the factor that sets a listing apart. If you are affected by this competition, having Instagrammable decoration and finishings can help set your photos apart. 

We expect this trend to continue into 2020 and well beyond.  

3. The public is coming around to panoramic views and 360° 

360 Photography

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The third major trend we predict for 2020 is an increased demand for panoramic views and 360° walkthroughs. 

These are not new formats, but the general public is finally coming to terms with these options for booking and travel searches. VR is leaving the realm of ‘gadget’ and is entering mainstream content consumption thanks to updates on pages like Facebook and Twitter that encourage 360° posts by everyone.  

Another reason we expect these formats to increase? 

“I see a big play for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in helping guests make the right selection. Imagine if your guests can actually feel like what it would be to stay in the hotel room before they booked a hotel. We do believe the hospitality and real estate industry is ripe for technological disruption. And we are at the forefront of it.” 

-Anil Goel, OYO

There you have it... Our three predictions for travel and short-term rental photography for 2020. To promote your travel experience to the fullest, be sure to include people in your venue photos, increase the quality image you provide and try out new formats like 360° to stand out from the crowd. 

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